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A child’s death is a tragedy no matter what the child’s name might be! Come on now, Alvarez or Hootman it truly doesn’t matter, the loss remains the same! I am very grateful for the all of the coverage on Skylar Hootman! He was a beautiful person,a smart,fun-loving, and athletically gifted child taken in the prime of his life! He had touched so many lives within his community,his school,his family and friends just by living his life! The attendance at his memorial service proves that he was obviously so well loved! I don’t know if people out there can truly understand what a tremendous loss this is to his family! My family and I live in Nevada and were unable to attend the memorial service,your tasteful well written stories kept us close when we couldn’t be there. I am proud to say I am one of Skylar Hootman’s cousins. He will be deeply missed and thank you for the wonderful tribute he deserved no less! Sincerely, Debra Garcia Olson

A fan of KZYR

From swamp rock to art rock, the new Zephyr delivers, KZYR, thanks for finally speaking to a sophisticated rock audience. Todd McDowell, Vail, Colorado.

Shame on voters

I just wanted to say for those people who voted “No” on the new holiday to honor United Farm Workers’ founder Cesar Chavez, shame on you. I think anybody who eats vegetables, drinks wine should know that those fruits and vegetables come from farm workers and farms around the United States and Cesar Chavez should be considered a hero, because I don’t think you people would be picking your own grapes and vegetables. So Cesar Chavez should have his day, March 31. He is an excellent community leader and a hero to a lot of people. And how will our children ever learn about Cesar Chavez and what he did for us and the Hispanic community, not only in southern and central California, but around the United States. So shame on you.

Heading downhill

I’d just like to comment on the recent change of music at KZYR. I’ve lived in the valley for 22 years and gosh, there hasn’t been really much of a radio station base for any type of kid at all. I think they need to change that. They need to bring some modern music in here that the kids want to listen to. A lot of the parents when they listen to some of the modern music will enjoy it. But KZYR has just gone downhill and downhill and is slowly reaching the bottom.

Knucklehead drivers

I’d like to make a comment to the poor lady whose 15-year-old child was rudely aggravated by some moron bopping their horn behind the poor kid in the roundabout. We’ve got a bunch of knuckleheads here, from the east and west coasts, and a bunch of idiots that shouldn’t have a driver’s license. There’s no reason why anyone should honk their horn in Eagle County. I just don’t understand why we had to turn this place into a city. Yesterday I was in East Vail on Gore Creek, doing the speed limit at the end of East Vail coming back to town, and there was a fellow behind me in a Chevy pickup truck. Passed me in a residential area, then got behind a town of Vail bus, got slowed down. I caught up to him, honked my horn and waved. Then he got stopped behind a construction site. Again I got behind him, honked my horn and waved. Then he got stopped by a school bus. I again honked my horn and waved. You are a fool, pal, I hope you get in a one-car wreck, and you got nowhere, did you?

Prayers answered

I’ve been praying lately for snow, and I think I’ve been praying to God, although my Hawaiian buddy says there is no God. I think my prayers have been answered. God has given us ample snow, which is just great, and also great election results. So now hopefully Eagle County can go on pace and maybe do a little better than if the Dems were in office. Thank you, God, for all this great snow, and keep it up, would you please? Because we’ve got a lot of people moving in to Eagle County and we’re going to need tons and tons of water.

Win’s a win, bub

Stone wins again with the help of the Democrats. Stone won with the help of Laurie Bower, just like June Dean helped him get elected in 1998. Stone won with less than 50 percent of the vote. The Eagle County residents should be very pleased with how they handled this election.

Pick up those signs

To all the candidates and their supporters, the election’s over. Time to take down the signs and quit making our valley look like a garbage heap. Thank you.

Monument to waste

I wasn’t going to call you guys just about these blue things, but now a sculpture of a councilmember/mayor. You guys in Avon crack me up, crying all the time about having no money, then you spend all this money I’m assuming that you put all these blue indicators up in Wildridge so you know if icy conditions exist this little disk will turn to blue. Of course they exist, it’s winter in the Rocky Mountains. If that cost even $1, it’s a waste of money. But not as big a waste of money if we’re spending one cent on a sculpture on someone who served the town for 10 whole years. If these economic times any one on staff or council who approved this should be run out of town. With a surplus of cash maybe, but when you are trying to cut bus service, it’s embarrassing.

Editor’s note: Yoder’s statue is funded entirely privately.

Take “em down!

I think the big tip for the week should be that Sandy Hume, who ran for whatever office, should take his signs down. They’re littered all over the county, bunches of “em, those little bittie ones, and big ones, and it should be his campaign people’s responsibility to take those down right after an election.

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