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Still goingI read so much in the newspaper about the major flag controversy and I even called in about that because I thought it was so stupid. But I drove over to Wal-Mart and I can’t tell you how my heart went into my tummy and it just felt good. I don’t know why people would be so upset that the American flag would fly so high and so beautifully. It’s beyond me. It’s really pretty, and it made me feel good. Mr. TThis is in response to the person who wrote in regarding the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District’s involvement in Red Cliff. Wake up, fool. The reason why your town is in such a dirty little nasty little mess and it’s pumping feces into the river for the rest of the valley to treat so they don’t have to drink nasty, foul human waste is because you guys haven’t done anything at all to help yourselves for the last, what, 40 years since the mines left? You guys need to wake up. If you want Eagle River to leave you alone, then you better be prepared to see your town be condemned, because that’s what’s going to happen. If you can’t meet the safe standards it isn’t going to be long before your property isn’t going to be worth jack. …

I think it’s time we quit referring to this girl as an alleged victim. Whether or not she’s a victim of Kobe is one thing, but I don’t think there’s any doubt this poor girl is a victim of a completely incompetent courthouse and justice system.

After reading in Kaye Ferry’s column that Vail has 32 policemen, I’m wondering where they all are. We never see them walking around Vail Village or Lionshead other than on the Fourth of July. Just today, I received a police bulletin warning of a shoplifting ring that has hit Aspen pretty hard, telling us to be vigilant. I informed my employees about it, and during the conversation, one of them mentioned that the night before some strange-acting people had been in the store and may have stolen some things. She was too scared to confront them, being by herself, but it did scare her enough to consider closing the store early.Why are the police never patrolling? Walking through town? Many of our employees work by themselves at night, and it would definitely be reassuring to have a police presence around. Maybe that would even deter potential shoplifters, as well as people who might do some harm? Isn’t it our tax dollars that pay your salaries? Certainly the safety of our employees should be the number one priority.Vail, Colorado

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