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Huh?This is Erika Amonson from Sarasota, Fla. We are enjoying our second summer here and find everyone very friendly and helpful and everything very beautiful here. But why does your paper not comment on the excellent artistic performances while the rodeo is covered every week? And another question is, why are so many of the walking trails in towns or along the river or even up to Piney Lake so insufficiently marked that it’s hard for newcomers to find their way around? Welcome here I’m calling regarding “All wet” Aug. 11. I’m amazed, but not surprised at all, that a few ignorant people don’t trust Eagle River Water and Sanitation, and it’s these people that I see quite often using a garden hose to clean their sidewalks and street in front of their homes, and doing the same to melt the snow and ice. It sounds to me that these folks are just scared of the inevitable – water meters. It doesn’t make sense that most of us that try to conserve water have to help pay for those who waste it. Message to ERWSD, thank you for helping us in a time of need, and the number of people who don’t want you here I can count on one hand. But unlike those people, I don’t need my fingers to count. Eagle River Water and Sanitation, you’re welcome in Red Cliff any time. Thanks for all your help.Better than parA big community thank you goes out to all those enthusiastic young bucks who run the Vail Valley Junior Golf Program. They ran it all summer long and I wanted them to know they’ve had a positive impact on the youths in this valley and we parents appreciate it. Sharing roadI’m calling about Vail PD random harassments. About two weeks ago I was pulled over on my long board and told that I could not ride my skateboard in the left lane of traffic, which would be the oncoming lane which makes complete and total sense by two officers who had to detain me for 45 minutes. Last evening I received a “pedestrian in a walkway” ticket for following the instructions that I have been given by a Vail police officer. I’m a local, I live here, I don’t take the bus, I ride my skateboard to and from work, to the grocery store. It is my mode of transportation. I’m 21 years old. I’m a full-grown adult. I know my long boarding choice is a dangerous sport. I wear a helmet and I don’t think it’s just that Vail PD has absolutely nothing to do but harass skateboarders about being on the side of the road. I received my ticket riding down to Intermountain last night. I honestly think this is a bunch of crap. Just because I didn’t go out and spend $3,500 on a cute little green spandex suit and a bike does not mean that I don’t have the right to share the same roadway that they do. I pay just as much taxes. This is the third time in two weeks I’ve had to deal with Vail PD because of my skateboard. We had an organized event last night and I still received a ticket. Thanks for helpLunchtime on Aug. 10, I was driving in West Vail, going from one roundabout to the next under the underpass and my car broke down. Obviously it was quite troublesome to move it out of the way on my own, but I’d like to say a big thanks to all of the flower girls that were working on the roundabout at the time who helped me move my car out of the way. My name is Justin.Sounds good to meI have just two words for Magnus Lindholm and his gas station. They are “thank you.”Cheap gas? Great!I’d like to thank Magnus Lindholm for starting to try and bring cheap gas to Eagle County. That’s going to be great. I’d like to thank him for also putting up that American flag. I don’t know why everybody doesn’t like him, but anybody that does anything patriotic like that and to try and bring gas prices down in Eagle County is a saint. Gas prices are at least 40 cents a gallon cheaper in Summit County, and 50 and 60 cents cheaper elsewhere, from Denver out of state. We need to get this gas mafia untracked. Thank you very much, Magnus. I can’t wait to gas up at your gas station, all the time, and I’ve got a lot of vehicles.

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