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Tangled messI would like to respond to the article in the Daily on family court. I have been in family court for the last two and a half years. I have spent over $45,000 and I can tell you it is not because I can’t let go of the relationship. I have since moved on, and am trying to support a new family, as well as fight to keep my children. I have hired advocates and therapists for my case. All advocates have gone in my favor, and I have proven dishonesty, mental abuse and physical abuse on my ex towards me and most importantly the children. Judge Hart takes literally a year to rule on these cases, or more, and in the meantime, my children’s lives are on hold waiting for the judge to make a ruling on the parenting time schedule so they can plan ahead for sports and summer activities. Also, because of this, money is tight, and with the judge taking forever with his ruling, the children also lose out on some extra activities they could be enjoying. If Judge Hart could actually do his job, put his foot down, and make the ruling in a timely matter, my case would have been done two years ago, and so would seven other cases in family court I personally know about. The judge complains about overload. Well then do your job and make some decisions.Fight the beetlesFor all you people out there who spent wonderful energy complaining about the flagpole, and after awhile you don’t notice it anyway. I really want everyone to complain about the beetles destroying the trees and having our community do something about it. Please, all you folks who sent letters and whined about the pole, please put a stronger effort into the officials doing something about the damage done to the trees in our beautiful area. …Too slowI’m getting on to the highway at the Edwards exit and am again running into a not uncommon problem. This problem is people who are driving up the on-ramp to the highway at 35-40 mph and then attempting to merge with traffic going 75 mph. By not going at a speed close to matching the highway speed, these slow drivers are creating a major nuisance. …Voting is anonymousPeople keep asking why Tipsline permits opinions to be expressed by anonymous sources. We also have secret ballots for our elections so political choices can be expressed without fear of retribution. What’s wrong with that idea?Uneasy riderThis is a reply to the gentleman who rode his bike down Edwards Village Boulevard on Sunday morning and used a condescending tone to criticize the middle-class people who live in our neighborhood for having roommates living in their homes. He was complaining that it wasn’t fair that we were permitted to have roommates, while he wasn’t able to park his camper in his driveway. While I sympathize with the fact that he’s having trouble finding a place to park his camper, perhaps the next time he rides through our neighborhood, he will be thankful that he has been blessed with an income that permits him to live without roommates and to afford a camper instead of criticizing people who are working hard to afford homes in one of the few middle-class neighborhoods in Edwards. Even if it means we sometimes have to have roommates while we get established in our homes. Bus schedule woesI really wanted to go support the fund-raiser with the bands at the Eagle Exhibition Hall, but because of ECO’s lame schedule, I can’t ride the bus back home. They quit running from Eagle at 8:30. For that matter, anybody else that wants to go out and have fun in Eagle but can’t drive, we can’t go and spend our money down there, because we can’t get back. And your point?This is in response to the person who really enjoyed Matt Zalaznick, the heavy Democratic guy. I would prefer that Matt, I think your better forum for writing is either Canada or, you know what I would guess, France. You belong there. Or Berkeley, like the person who called in on Tipsline. You’re so lost, you’re a young guy and you need to learn, but you’re so lefty it’s scary. So why don’t you move to France, cozy up to Chirac, see what happens.Just so you knowI would like congratulate Ruth Cohen on her wide reading. Unfortunately, I think she needs to read a bit wider. It was not Longfellow who “wandered lonely as a cloud o’er the vales and hills, when all at once [he] saw a crowd, host of golden daffodils.” It was Wordsworth. I now this because I had to learn the sodding poem off by heart at school when I was 12. Yours, Disgruntled Brit.

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