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Nice bus driverA special thanks to the bus driver of the West Vail red bus on Sunday afternoon at about 4:30. My sister-in-law and I had walked farther than we had thought. Not knowing the bus schedule, I inquired of the bus driver. I’m sorry that I didn’t get his name. He not only explained all my options, but just as his bus was due to leave, he went out of his way to walk over to where we were still sitting to give us more options, even knowing the telephone number of the local hotel so we could call and ascertain the fastest course. We were very impressed at his knowledge and courtesy. Thank you.Unfriendly servantI just wanted to say I’m really happy someone finally called about the public servants down in Eagle. … I’m sure there are people out there more than happy to take (the) job that are unemployed that will treat (their) job and people with respect.May not reopenMany of us are very upset to learn that the Alpenrose Restaurant may not reopen after this construction of the condo because it appears that the landlord wants to lease to Johannes Faessler at the Sonnenalp to put the Swiss Chalet in there. So that would be a loss to Vail and we hope that doesn’t happen. …Down the drainThis is an invitation to the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District. Please stop by Edwards Corner between 7 and 8 any morning and observe the amount of irrigation water running down the gutter and into the storm drain.Golden days goneThere’s really something wrong when somebody calls in and prints their name and says how snobby and inconsiderate Vail employees are. I feel bad for the people in this community now because it’s not like the old days. The old days were great, you knew your neighbors, you knew everybody in town, everybody was nice, courteous and respectful. I think a lot of that is Generation X and raising your kids behind a TV. I go out of my way every day to be nice to people, whoever I bump into. I don’t know what’s happening, but you better sit back and reflect and think about all the good things that God’s given you and be thankful, and be kind to your neighbor.Aspen callingThis is in reference to greed catching up. When I first started coming to Vail 15 years ago, I loved Vail and thought Aspen was a little too much for actors and actresses. Recently I went to Aspen and I have to say that it was very enjoyable. It seems that Aspen is improving and Vail is definitely going downhill. It’s not what it used to be.Missed the pointI really take offense to the headlines on Sunday, Aug. 15, “County’s an employer’s market.” You know, you filled this place up with undocumented workers and you ruined our work force. Of course it’s an employer’s market. Keep breaking the law, keep wrecking my community, and then complain about it. Come on, give me a break, complain about our schools, complain about our jails being full. Come on, just go complain about the pole with the American flag on it. …Joining campaignIf you haven’t heard already by now, Bruce Springsteen is putting on a tour of concerts with many other performers with the sole purpose of getting President Bush out of office. They’re calling it a fund-raiser. What happened to putting on a concert for the fans? The money is going to candidate Kerry, who already has deep pockets. Political parties aside, I think it’s despicable that celebrities these days seem to think that the American public can’t think for themselves and need to tell us how to think and what to believe. If they want to make a donation to a particular party, why don’t they pull out their fat checkbooks and do so. They’re entertainers, no more than entertainers, who get paid a lot to perform. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, and if they want to voice it, that’s fine. But they shouldn’t be in the business of politics. I just want the public to be informed, because I do enjoy the music of most of the performers and normally would attend a concert and shell out my good hard-earned cash. But just knowing that the money is going straight to a politician’s pocket, whether it be Bush or Kerry, I believe it to be outrageous. I believe everybody should stand firm and we should let these celebrities know that their opinions don’t really mean much to us.Movie night greatI’m calling in response to the person who complained about the movie night in the park, the lakeside cinema on Friday night. I actually went last Friday and it was a really great experience, there were a lot of kids involved, they played “Beetlejuice,” and it was done by 10:30 on a Friday night. It’s free, it’s great entertainment, it’s a cheap date for you to bring someone to hang out with. Kids had a great time, weren’t out too late, the volume was low. Maybe they need to get out a little bit more.My children attend the public school system. Like many people in this valley, that is what we can afford. I have never been overly judgmental of the way the school system operates and most of my experiences have been good with the schools in this valley. Now, I find myself questioning the so called “higher-ups” in the district. One of my children began kindergarten today at Gypsum Elementary. My child attends the every other day program that the school has always offered in the past. The school is now offering an all-day, every day program. Sounds great, right? The catch is that it is not funded so they are only offering it to those who can afford the $250.00 a month fee. If I could afford that, I would have my child in this program. With a mortgage, insurance, and other necessities, We just can’t swing it. The school has let it be known that it is similar to day-care costs. I am a stay at home Mom and have been for the past 6 years. I consider it a privilege to be able to be here for my kids when they need me. It is a sacrifice to not be able to have the extra income and the kids don’t get every little thing they ask for as far as material things go but we do our best. What I do not understand is why my child can’t get an equal education because I have chosen to stay home thus not having the extra funds to put him in this program. …Big brother?What is up with the Eagle County DA’s office?? Recently I was involved regretfully with Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, District Attorney’s Office and members employed at the courthouse. … Charges were filed and after consideration I decided that this was a mistake. I went to the courts to have them dismissed, several times, but the DA had different opinions about how he should handle the situations in MY life! So charges were still pressed even after I had requested that they not be. So the case ended up going to trial where even the majority of jurors thought the case was ridiculous and a waste of the taxpayers’ time. Why does the Eagle County DA feel that he has to play Big Brother to the residents of Eagle County? After considerable financial loss of hard earned money, taxpayer dollars and time taken from the jurors the DA’s case was thrown out of court. Where is the justification of the DA’s actions? Vail Colorado

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