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Why we’re betterThis is in response to the article of Steamboat ranking ahead of Vail and this is a commentary. Anybody that has been to the city of Steamboat Springs and it’s ski area can easily understand why it was ranked ahead of Vail. Steamboat is the epitome of a total skiing experience – real people, real town, and some of the best snow in the country. I’m not really sure how the author figures out Vail gets more snow than Steamboat, but we’ll keep letting you guys think that. We hope that as one Vailite commented in the article, no one does talk about Steamboat. Vail can keep it’s reputation as the biggest and best mountain, and we’ll keep our uncrowded slopes, minimal lift lines and the best tree skiing in the country. So go ahead a nd keep boasting and keep those masses of people south of Wolcott.Pot and kettleI’m calling with a response for the person who was upset about being harassed for riding their long board on the road. In retrospect, does it seem logical that you made a jab at cyclists because of your harassment? Cyclists are harassed and ticketed the same as skateboarders. Prejudice is prejudice, and you’re as bad as the people that you’re complaining about.Different departmentThis is just a question for Don Rogers. I’m looking at the Wednesday, Aug. 18, page A22, the Lacy’s ad, and what’s up with that bikini line? Geez, Don, somebody’s got to look at your ad copy and photos before you publish them.Cray was greatI just wanted to let the Vail Daily know that Robert Cray’s concert was awesome, and the turnout was mediocre. But the guys really know how to put on a good show. They had the people dancing in less than 15 minutes at the beginning of the show. Just to let them know for next year. Book ’em again, and if you can do it for the free concert? Awesome.Keen eye outFlapping flags and public protests, a flag of a different stripe. How about that? The law was upheld even in our Colorado public schools: ( “Colorado prohibits display of any flag other than U.S. or state on public buildings or grounds, or displays such flag in a place knowing it is likely to cause a breach of the peace.” The people were heard: ( “The district got complaints from people upset by a photograph in the Rocky Mountain News showing a Mexican flag displayed in a social studies classroom at North High School on the first day of classes this week. Other people were upset that the American flag hanging beside it was hung improperly.” And the matter was resolved: ( DENVER AP) “Criticism over a Mexican flag hung in a classroom has led school officials to create a policy that says the display of foreign banners must be temporary and related to what is being taught in class.” That was fairly simple solution. Speak up, be heard, and have the matter resolved. Wow.Here we go … Why is Arn Menconi running for county commissioner? Mr. Menconi and Mrs. Menconi both receive salaries from Vail Resorts for SOS. Then, he votes at the county meetings regarding Vail Resorts’ issues. Conflict of interest. He instructs classes and he misses many county commissioners meetings. Conflict of interest. Now he’s on the Upper Eagle Valley Water District Board and votes there and votes at the county board meetings. Conflict of interest. Mr. Menconi should not be a county commissioner. He does not represent Eagle County citizens, and we should not vote to retain him.Jumping gun?Some have questioned whether DA Mark Hurlbert should have waited before filing charges against Kobe Bryant. They say the DA should have held off until more information, like DNA test results, were available. Let’s remember how this whole thing got started. Sheriff Joe Hoy bypassed the DA and got an arrest warrant issued. The fat was in the fire. The DA was on the spot. Has anyone asked the sheriff whether he now regrets jumping the gun?Vail, Colorado

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