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Family court gripe I absolutely agree with the Tipsline last Saturday regarding our domestic courts. It took a top state evaluator who was hired by my ex to finally get through to Judge Hart that my ex was an unfit parent. Although Hart finally ruled in my favor, he still cut the ex way too much slack in that order. This was six years after unnecessary attorneys fees just to keep what I had, meaning my ex would constantly take me to court to change custody, modify child support, things like that. Judge Gannett mentioned in the article that you have to show a difference in circumstances to make a change. Please. None of my circumstances were different, and he still gave my ex all the court time he wanted, at my expense, since he doesn’t pay his attorneys. All the while, no one was helping me with what my kids were going through, not social services, not the police, not the court, and not our mediator, who was Elaine Edinburgh, who was also quoted in that article. … The courts and Edinburgh need to stay away from the parents’ emotional issues and need to focus on the best interests of the children. They are not trained to determine what the adults are feeling. They are hired for the children. The problem with judges like Hart and arbitrators like Edinburgh is that they are more interested in parents’ rights than children’s rights. Our court system and our sheriff’s department is a joke. You can just ask our infamous alleged victim and Kobe Bryant.Still in runningI would like to thank the NBA for sending such a fine team to the Olympics, but I can’t.Police stateI think it’s pretty amazing how so many people in Eagle County have been victims of our judicial system. From lawyers, judges, to rapes to cops, and the latest is the poor kid on his skateboard being harassed by Vail PD. No different than a bike. Leave the guy alone. There’s a lot of morons on bicycles, tons of them. Then you have the poor lady that complained about Judge Hart. That’s typical. It just reflects on Mr. Cacioppo’s article in Speakout that we are living in a police state here in Eagle County. …Vail, Colorado

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