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Kindergarten politicsI’m calling regarding the Tipsline about the full day kindergarten and the need to pay tuition. That’s not a school district issue, that’s a state issue, so why don’t you call your governor, and remember, don’t vote Republican.More numbersI wanted to thank you for the IRS form number for reporting the illegal aliens. That really works for me. Now, do you have a form number so we can report people who are declaring their rental properties as primary residences when they sell them? That would be helpful. I know about four.Happy to be homeThis is Montana in West Vail and I wanted to let everyone know that my mom and dad found me safe and sound after my weekend excursion. I was sniffing around the Dumpster at City Market and I wasn’t wearing my collar, both no-nos, but I’m still not sure why somebody would stuff me in their car and take me home without at least checking around the neighborhood for my parents. I’m also not sure why they would not report my situation to animal control or the police during the next 18 hours that I was missing. I hope they weren’t planning to keep me, because I wouldn’t have been happy, and I know my mom and dad would have been a mess. My dad says the community was awesome while I was gone. The police and animal control were real helpful and answered all his questions with genuine concern. John went into work immediately upon hearing what was going on so dad could scour the neighborhood for me, and thanks to Laverne of City Market and her friend who went all over the place notifying people to keep an eye out for me. Linda and Jim Harding acted as true friends by changing their Sunday plans to come up to Vail and help search for me. Thanks to the Vail Daily for putting my photo in Town Talk and to Jeff, the delivery guy, who was looking for me on his route, and to all of my and my parents’ friends who offered support, thanks for making this a great community for us to live in. A special thanks to Susie Brendan who called my dad after seeing a poster at the post office. She had valuable information after hearing a conversation between the girl who took me and her friends. Thanks, Susie. And finally, I’d like to tell everyone that even though I love to be naked, my dad promised that I would never leave the house again without my tags on.Vail, ColoradoVail, Colorado

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