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Needs a jobI would like to respond to the Tipsline published in Sunday’s paper called “Public problem.” In my opinion, $250 a month to supplement a child’s education that my tax dollars are paying for is unjust. I have no children, but I get out of bed at 5:30 a.m. and work 60-70 hours a week. I go without material things to pay taxes for this other woman’s children. I would like to know what she does for them. She dumps the responsibility for their care on other people and sits at home on her fat … . I’d like to know if she’s also on welfare, too. How many more tax write-offs does she plan on having? Children are a choice. They are not mandatory. People need to keep their choices to themselves and learn to be responsible for them. She needs to do everyone a favor and go and get her and her husband spayed and neutered and get a job.So you knowThis is Michael Cacioppo. Because Speakout is not publishing (this) week for Labor Day Weekend, I wanted to let my readers know that if you do choose to take a blood test rather than a roadside, you will go to a hospital, of course, but you will also go to jail. For me that’s not a problem. I don’t really care. But for some of you, you need to understand that the hospital will not have the results of the blood test immediately and therefore they will take you to jail and book you. This is in relation to the story I wrote about a driver that is harrassing the cops after the cops have harassed the drivers in these illegal checkpoints throughout Eagle County. I wanted that to be clear for my readers. Unfortunately it will be two weeks from no before my paper would come back out, and I want people to know that they would have to go to jail if they do choose the blood test, even if they have not been drinking. Thank you.Medals in minutesThis is Rossi Moreau, the infamous one. As most of you in town know, I spent two tours in Vietnam and I’m getting tired of all this Kerry this, and Kerry didn’t. Let me tell you something. In Vietnam you could all earn three Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star and a Silver Medal in five minutes. That’s all it took, and you could be there for two years and that could never happen. But the bottom line is that in a five-minute period things used to happen so fast that you literally could get … . Not only that you could get a promotion. I just wanted everybody to know that. It’s not impossible to do what he did, and he’s a good man to support.

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