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What’s with creek?In a recent letter to the editor there was a mention of all the extra foam that was in Gore Creek between East Vail and Vail. I’m wondering if anybody’s noticed all the foam and over abundance of algae growing in Gore Creek down by Intermountain. It’s never been like that before and it seems very excessive. I’m also wondering about all the beetle trees in Intermountain and if the town plans on doing something with respect to that.Not the charterI agree with Liz McDougal’s letter regarding the public school and the ignorant attitude of some people in this valley towards public schools. It seems like the majority of the people in this valley just follow each other in the masses and follow the masses to private schools or the Charter Academy. Just because they think they should. If parents did some research and looked up regarding public schools in their area, they might be pleasantly surprised at what they find. I include the Charter Academy with the private schools because that’s basically what it has become. It’s now operating in more of a private school way than a public school, and I don’t know how it can still be operating as a public school if it is not following its original charter, which is supposed to be helping those children in need. It’s not following that. It has all white kids and no kids of any other race, and obviously it’s a segregated school. Wasn’t that made illegal in the 1960s?Words and actionI just wanted to call on John Kerry’s record on what he’s done, and it’s kind of interesting what he hasn’t done. He says he’ll do one thing and then do another. You may not think he will, but why don’t all you Kerry lookers, people in the middle, go and look at what this man has done and what he says in front of the audience. It might be a different thing.Vail, Colorado

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