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OuchRegarding John Kerry and his public statements, I find it difficult to pin Jello down. Or was that actually catsup? H.M.Language useThanks a lot for this forum. I have today’s paper with Richard Carnes’ editorial here and I’m just wondering, does anyone proofread this paper, especially this guy’s column? He’s got several grammatical errors here. It’s just ridiculous, week after week, the same thing for this guy’s column and the paper. He’s got the sentence, “Us mountain folks have feelings, too, you know” and you guys go and put it on the front page. I mean come on. Even I know that’s not correct. Then there’s the sentence, “Man, I hope nobody’s missing that I like.” That doesn’t sound right, does it? I mean come on you guys.Editor’s note: Language is not math. The first sentence was written for an effect we trust most readers can easily understand. In the second, “that” is an acceptable substitute for “whom,” which many writers use, including some who have written acknowledged classics. Also, what Carnes writes are called columns, not editorials. His opinions are his own.So thereI’d entitle this “wrong signals” and it would read to the radio stations of this valley, which I can count on one hand even after the accident. Thank you. I recently purchased satellite radio and life is good again. No more computer generated play lists of the same 200 songs. More importantly I don’t have to put up with your endless commercials milking the airways. I hope a pirate radio station comes to town and sinks your ship into your own stagnant waters. Love, Matt Ensminger.Knocking VailIt’s interesting to see the comparison between Steamboat and Vail in the Tipsline, “Why we’re better.” Vail has lost a lot of its small town charm, and I think service here has really dropped considerably, considering people now have to work three jobs instead of two to make ends meet. Also, Steamboat has a great sheriff who doesn’t put up with undocumented workers. He’s all over immigration to keep his community in good standing. When people speak English and are courteous to one another, it makes for a better experience. We’ve lost that. Good luck, Vail. As Bob Get once said back in the ’70s, “Vail’s going to be a ghost town.” It also holds true with the jacking up with the rent in town. No more Tea Room Alpenrose? What’s that all about? It was one of the best if not the best restaurant in town. Good food, nice portions. Oh well, time goes on.What say you now?This is a rebuttal to the person on Friday, the 27th, who was dogging the NBA assemblage of the Olympic teams. He’s dogging on them when most of the people in the United States should be supporting these guys, and they’re actually starting to play better, so you should support your country. If this was 2001 and everybody had an American flag on their car, they’d be supporting this team, instead most of this country seems to be against this basketball team, which is probably going to win the gold medal anyway. So shut your yap.You don’t payThis is for the skateboarder last week. You may be an adult, but you’re not very smart. Until you start putting gas in your skateboard, you don’t pay for roads. There are federal, state and local excise taxes on every gallon of gas. That’s what pays for your roads. Not your Social Security tax. So you and all the bikers in the Spandex, until you start putting gas in your bikes or in your skateboards, pppppptttttttttttt!A rantI’m just calling to say the people of Eagle County are sick and tired of our judicial system and the police. You know there’s nothing you can do about it, you just have to put it in your mind that that these people don’t care. Judges don’t care, lawyers don’t care, anybody working in our judicial system, they just simply do not care. They’re the same people who give us our gas for 40-60 cents higher than anywhere else. As long as the money is going in their pockets and they can go on their big vacations and they can drive their Mercedes and big SUVs, that’s the only thing they are concerned about. The only thing police care about is putting money in the pockets of our judicial system here, and that’s the bottom line. We all have to agree on it and when you see these people you have to have that mentality towards them that they really do not care. Judges especially. It makes no difference to them whether you’re guilty or not in this county as long as they have money coming in their pockets that is what their concern is. Have a good day.No flip-flopThis is to Jane Kenney who wrote a letter to the editor. She is from Jacksonville, she was visiting in Edwards. Hey lady, get your facts straight. There were two bills about funding the war in Iraq, one of them has the funding coming from deduction of tax breaks to the rich. Kerry voted for that one. The other bill had the war funded by taking money out of the general treasury, i.e. increasing the deficit. Kerry voted against that one. Get your facts straight. It’s not a flip-flop, there were just two separate bills.Will get hitIt’s bad enough that people on bikes ride their bikes out in the middle of the road on Highway 6, but I just passed a biker on Highway 6 going west towards Eagle talking on his cell phone with no hands on his bike. I mean, come on, you have to be stupid. These people are going to get hit by cars. Whether they like it or not, they’re idiots. And you know what, if you’re going to ride your bike pay attention.Dummies in DenverI’d just like to call and complain and maybe open people’s eyes as to how stupid the people in Denver really are. You get a little bit of rain and you lift the water restrictions. Hey morons, you’re over-populating and over-polluting. Keep the water restrictions on. We need to fill Lake Powell back up. Oh wait, all you idiots have to water your lawns, just like the clowns in Phoenix and L.A. Save our water. Conserve.Reply to criticI’d like to reply to my harsh critic who most generously put their unwanted comments in the newspaper concerning my vehicle and me and my personality. At any rate, I was parked in a legal spot when I was issued those two tickets by one of Minturn’s finest, who I don’t even think is a U.S. citizen. My tickets got dismissed as of recent by our gracious town attorney. Now, a couple of things that you need to realize. I live in America, and I do have freedom of speech. I was parked in a legal parking place. It’s nice that you can call me names, like idiot and whatever else. Besides, the word “sucks” is on TV all the time. So if you don’t have a TV, don’t be a hypocrite. I recently have installed an attack duck on the hood of my blazer, so nobody will be messing with it anymore. One of my best achievements recently is I campaigned heavily to get the corrupt politicians out of Minturn. I will have another custom paint job soon, and I will be parking my truck right across the street from your house, because I know who you are. I’d also like to put out a $100 reward. I’ve already been told who painted up my truck, my windows, my mirror. I just want one more person to come forward and tell me. It would be nice if that person said hey, I’m real sorry, I didn’t really mean it, it was a joke. That would go a long way. But if I get one more name before that happens, it’s not going to be good. At any rate, my name is Anthony, and there is a $100 reward for the person and/or persons involved in spray painting my vehicle, my beautiful vehicle. The phone number is 827-5912. Oh, and by the way, I handed our county commissioners an inch thick folder of magnesium chloride and how harmful it is. …Can’t be pleasedI think it’s good that you have covered some of the athletic programs in the valley, including the Eagle Valley Devils football program which you wrote two informative pages on. Also, bravo on including the Huskies girls volleyball and Huskies cross country teams in follow-up articles. Now I’ll get to the nitty gritty. I think it’s totally astonishing and inconceivably arrogant that you’d do such a nice interview with ex-coach Pat Phelan, who deserves, by the way, totally the recognition of present and past commitments to Battle Mountain High and the kids. But you leave it up to Coach Phelan to have to bring up the fact that we have a new football program at Battle Mountain and our first game was Friday, Sept. 3 at 7 o’clock at Phelan Field. You say nothing about the enthusiasm that our new head coach Pat Engel and his staff bring to the Huskies football program. You’re missing the boat, buddy. …Head scratcherAt the last school board work session the school board publicly stated that 47 teachers have left the district for other employment. However, it has been learned that over 90 new teachers have been employed at the district’s schools. Please, school district, explain the addition of over 43 new teachers, especially in light of rising class sizes. For example, 35 students in high school biology at Eagle Valley High School, 29 students in fifth-grade writing, etc.

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