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I recently took a last minute weekend ski trip to a very popular mountain resort with my fiance. Since it was last minute, we rented skis. After waiting two hours in a lift line and being the beginner that I am I was tired when I finished falling down the mountain, so we decided to call it a day. We put our skis in a rack with everyone else’s and placed our poles over top of them. We stepped right inside the building and grabbed our shoes. When we returned, not five minutes later, my fiance’s skis were gone, stolen. The rental shop manager reluctantly had to charge us $450 because the skis were brand new. So much for paying bills and eating, right? Wouldn’t you rather ski for an hour? Needless to say, I won’t be skiing anymore. But for all of you who just can’t stay away because of all the fluffy new snow, make sure you lock up your skis now, because obviously the ones who are going to steal them are already here. Hey, isn’t this God’s country?

Loose in the woods?

The article highlighting the Ritz Carlton’s grand amenities is impressive, and I’m excited to see this special hotel join Beaver Creek and Bachelor Gulch. However, I do have a strong concern about their loan-a-Lab program, where they discuss if you’re out hiking the dog helps the experience more memorable and exciting and this lab can be signed out for morning and afternoon romps in the woods. This is very important that the people understand that letting a dog run loose in the wildlife is both hazardous to the dog’s well-being and for the wildlife. I see two ironies in this article. One is that they say all the wood used for the structure was dead standing wood, and the developer did not need to kill any trees for this structure. Well please consider that your dog might kill some animals out there if you let them run free with the guests, or with its own master. Also, I hope that the Gore Range natural science wildlife concierge reinforces how dangerous it is to let dogs run free in the woods, and that they will also help advise the guest to use a lead when they have the dog outside in the woods.

Can’t find ’em Friday

I’d just like to know why there isn’t a dentist in this town that is open on Fridays? People that have Fridays off, what do they think people work Monday through Thursday and don’t have a Friday off? It would be nice if there was a dentist around on a Friday.

Chloride toxins?

I heard that the magnesium chloride used on the road has at least trace quantities of some toxics, possibly arsenic, cadmium, chromium and more. Can anyone out there clarify this?

.50 caliber question

I read in the Town Talk on Thursday the piece about the .50 caliber bullets being stolen. My question to Mark, whoever he is: if they are so dangerous, why do you have them?

Leash ’em to D.C.

I’d just like to make a comment on President Bush. It seems that when President Clinton went out stumping for the Democrats during his last term, George Bush ended up criticizing the president for going away from Washington so long to be able to do this. Well, it appears from reading articles in the different publications and papers around the country that President Bush went out and did more stumping and was away from Washington longer than President Clinton was. My question is, who’s running the country while he’s out trying to get all these Republicans re-elected, which is what he did? I think that they ought to end up coming up with a law that says the president can’t end up going away from Washington and spend however long it is that they’re out there campaigning for all their constituents.

Different rules?

I just want to know what’s up with the county building inspectors? It seems like money runs everything around this county. I had a friend of mine who was building a house who couldn’t end up getting a temporary certificate of occupancy because he did not have a light installed on his back door that wasn’t even being used. But yet the Ritz Carlton, which is up in Bachelor Gulch, ended up getting a temporary certificate of occupancy and their roof was leaking. Now I thought having a roof that did not leak was one of the things that you needed to have before you could get your occupancy certificate. Also, when they were putting all the pipes underneath their pavers and stuff to be able to melt the snow, I thought that people that I know that did stuff like that at their home had to end up having those pipes pressurized at 90 psi for 24 hours before the inspector would OK it. At the Ritz, I ended up seeing them putting the pipes down and then immediately putting sand and pavers over them without having anything inspected or tested. I just want to know, is it because of the big money, or is it the building inspectors don’t want to go after them, or is it because they can end up hassling the small homeowner or the small business more than they can because they’d get in trouble for it. Something to think about.

Wishes 31 passed

I’m calling in regards to the letter to the editor of Amendment 31 signed by the second language acquisition class. All I’ve got to say to that is if they’re in the high school and barely learning English, where are we going? If they can’t learn English in grade school, they’re still learning in high school. I sure wish Amendment 31 would have passed.

Irked at agency

Why does it take two phone calls and a face-to-face request to have a heap of trash removed from such an historical important site as the Camp Hale interpretive picnic area and entrance? My granddad was highly disappointed. Why is the sledding hill at the Holy Cross Ranger District at Dowd Junction shrinking with rows of fencing? Is this the work of the Forest Service or just the will of its many employees? Pick it up and take it down.

Town of Edwards!

I have one little complaint that I’d like to air. I’m wondering when Edwards is going to get on the stick and make themselves a town. They’ve got enough people there and they should be determining their own fate. The other thing about that is I think with the county having to do everything up there, Edwards is siphoning off more of the county money than they should be getting. There’s other things that the county needs to be doing, and with all the people and the problems up in Edwards, they need to end up putting money into up there when it could be going into other things. So to all the people of Edwards, get off the pot and let’s make your own town so that you guys can determine your own fate instead of bitching every time that the county does something up there and then you say you don’t want it. That’s all I got.

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