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Already got oneI was calling to say that I don’t think Minturn needs an RV park. We already got one five miles up the road at the Wal-Mart.Scary merit programThis is an opinion about the teachers of the Eagle County School District. I believe the teachers advancement plan, TAP, could be the perfect tool to frighten and bully our school teachers. Schools Superintendent John Brendza already controls as best he can how information is passed to the school board. I’m afraid he will use TAP as a tool to keep the teachers’ criticism of his management decisions and management style away from the school board and the public. Fears worstIt’s kind of interesting how you guys did that whole Minturn development deal up on North Sailor. You guys did one article about it. Just wait until you hear all the crappy comments and all the hoo haa and the whatnot about what’s going on up there, and just see how much of a monstrous piece of crap they make it look like then.Kids are the futureTo the person that resents taxation for children’s programs, I’d like to remind you that the children are our future. The village raises the children, and their parents aren’t spayed or neutered, they have vasectomies or tubal ligations. May I suggest that you volunteer your time to children’s foundations or the animal shelter in exchange for tax credit. Think of it this way. Little Johnny or Sally will be taking your meaningless dead-end job and most likely definitely pay taxes to put your useless corpse away.Unfriendly roadsThis is a comment on the highway department digitized signs on I-70. My suggestion is to make our guests feel welcome by flashing something positive and friendly at them as they drive through our happy valley. For instance, “Welcome, have a safe and happy holiday.” The “you drink, you drive, you lose” thing is really nasty and unfriendly. Double standardThe DA says the only reason he dismissed the case against Kobe Bryant was because the accuser didn’t want to go forward, yet in domestic violence cases, the DA’s office routinely pursues cases where the accuser asks them to stop, even when the accuser recants her story.The losersOK, sports fans. Here is the final score in the great Eagle County fiasco, aka the Kobe Bryant sexual assault trial: Kobe Bryant 1. Alleged victim 1. Score to be credited in what will probably be an out-of-court settlement sometime in the near future. The taxpayers who financed this fiasco and the citizens of this great county who did the best they could to try to see that justice was served – 0. Yep, we were the only losers in this thing.Noxious weedsThe flowers in the picture by Preston Utley are oxide daisy, a non-native and noxious weed. I recall it being on the front page of the paper a couple weeks back saying they’re wild flowers. They’re not natives. They need to go.Too muchI think that the paper has wasted six pages regarding the Kobe Bryant case when it’s over, talking about a failed case. I think it’s kind of crazy that you waste six pages of paper talking about a case that has been dropped.All badThis is in response to local Republicans rallying for Bush. Come on, people, open your eyes. His ignorance, arrogance and idealism have isolated and endangered Americans. There is more to the picture, Nancy. Don’t just support Bush to save your high income tax break.Yeah, just greatCould we please get Sheriff Hoy to shut up? His insistence on maintaining that his deputies and investigators did an outstanding job and that if he had it to do over he’d do the same thing is typical of why no one trusts law enforcement. How ridiculous. … Look to treatment plantI’m calling about all the comments I’ve seen about foam and algae in the river down in West Vail. It’s really bad and I think what we need to do is take a look at that wastewater plant in Vail. They have a disinfection system that’s ultraviolet and it’s a very high maintenance item and the wastewater department decided to let go of all of their maintenance people with no notice back in May, so I know they’re not taking care of that.Vail, Colorado

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