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Captives on TitanicRegarding Don Rogers’ Quick Takes column titled “CSAP’s silver lining”: What a pile of BS. When the Daily prints a story or a column on our public schools, the Daily still seems to be taking a district press release propaganda piece, typesetting it, and labeling it as a column or article. This is the same procedure the Daily uses with The Associated Press pieces, and the Daily properly gives the AP a byline. Why can’t the Daily offer the same courtesy and provide the teachers union and/or school administrators with bylines? I do not have the space in this format to address the “poorer Hispanic student” problem the school district created, and its lack of a credible program to solve it. Then Don cherry picks a statistical group probably fed to him by the district – the wealthier white students – and trumpets the figure that says they are 80 percent proficient in in reading. This means that in any given class of 20 kids, four of those kids are failing. And this is best they can come up with after massaging the numbers? This is pathetic. Don also uses this selective 80 percent figure (rich white kids) to tout our superiority over the other districts with 50 percent proficient levels. He conveniently includes the poorer ethnic groups in the 50 percent figure for the other districts. This is equally pathetic. The county school district has a failure rate of 20 percent to 70 percent, yet no child repeats a grade unless the students’ parents requests and fights for it. The district’s policy of “social promotion” trumps everything else. This is totally and absolutely pathetic. This is only the tip of the iceberg and we parents and our children are captives on the Titanic. The only way things will improve is through parental choice, school competition, and vouchers. The teachers union has fought this in the past and will surely fight it in the future, since they know – better than parents – what is best for our children.It’s overI just wanted to say that the whole Kobe Bryant case is over so it needs to be out of the papers because that’s all the Vail Daily is. The Vail Daily should change their name to the Kobe Bryant Case. It’s all over the paper, man, and it’s over. The whole Tipsline is the schedule of what happened July 2. That’s all I wanted to say, people got to get over it. He’s innocent like he should be. Grain of saltJohn Stavney pointed out how inaccurately a commentator described Eagle in a national public radio program. This is a particular example of a more general problem. I think a lot of people can recall an example of where they had some personal knowledge about something being reported in the media. These people realized that the facts are wrong in serious ways. I am not talking about political bias here. This is just plain incompetence in getting the story straight. It happens a lot. But you don’t often see the media types apologize for these mistakes. So just take what you read here and see with a grain of salt.Vail, Colorado

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