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My turnI would like start by clarifying my relationship with John Tietbohl. John and I are not only acquaintances but also longtime friends. To quote your journalism, “the location where a bear was seen on numerous occasions,” was in fact the location to where I was properly invited by the Tietbohl family. John, on previous occasions, has requested my expertise on outdoor culinary arts where upon I tended the grille, even serving his guests. Now to the most important matter, again to quote your article, “… the bear was trying persistently to get inside their home.” I have NEVER entered John’s home uninvited. Had these intrusive encounters occurred for the past “five or six weeks,” why hadn’t John informed the proper authorities prior to the day of the shooting? In response to John’s claim that I was “circling the house” and “it was bizarre.” What is truly bizarre is his wild accusations of my “alleged trespassing”! To clarify some other allegations: Earlier in the week I dropped by to pick up my golf clubs. Apparently John has confused this with “a bag of trash.” If anyone is handling rubbish, it’s John and this “bluff charge” business. Now, I admit to scatting on two occasions. I suffer from a bowel condition that leaves me helpless to circumstance. But, the “broken nut wagon” incident has nothing to do with the bear community. I have a feeling that if you looked into Jim Funk’s past, you will find clear motivations for the crime. “Coexistence,” to answer John Mayer’s question, isn’t delivered by gun point. Regards, The Bear. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me. Government takingRegarding Gypsum condemning the water right for LEDE Reservoir: This is no different than if a citizen said, “I like your pasture better than mine. Sell it to me for the price I demand. OK, you won’t sell it to me? Then I will take it.” This is called imminent domain and is a government seizure. “There’s not a hell of a lot a private landowner can do about it if the government decides it wants the property,” said Jeff Haupt, attorney for LEDE Reservoir LLC. Correct, Mr. Haupt, whether it is a home, water or even commercial property. As stated in the article, “But such condemnations are likely to become more and more prevalent as the population grows.” Welcome to no mas rural, smalltown, ranching life. Eagle County and Gypsum have entered the Big City Big Leagues now.Doesn’t belongRight on Carol Collins, and regarding “Now when did this Mr. Tietbol move here?” – maybe we should ask instead, “Now when is this Mr. Tietbol moving away from here? Leaving the bears and the other longtime residents with some peace.Let’s move onThe prosecution keeps saying that it’s time to move on. The Daily keeps printing that it’s time to move on. So, please let’s move on to news more interesting than the Kobe Bryant case. The young lady wanted it over. Let it be over – for her and the rest of us. This valley is full of wonderful people, doing wonderful things. Cover more local sports on a wider scale than usual. We’ve got a valley full of great and near great athletes. Why not profile them. A decent commissionerI’d like to thank the Vail Trail for a great article on Mike Gallagher. I don’t think you can say enough about a person like this. If you were going to do a really good job, you’d have to fill up two newspapers. But I know you couldn’t do that. But again, thanks for a damn good article, and more people should be like Mike. Thanks for being a decent county commissioner. …Better read again …Don Rogers and the Vail Daily just don’t get it. Kobe Bryant admitted he was guilty in his apology. What can’t the Vail Daily understand?

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