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Gee whizIt’s 9 o’clock on Tuesday morning and none of the public restrooms are available here at Eagle Brush Creek playground or the Eagle City Park. I’m wondering, as taxpayers are we not entitled to them or why are the doors being locked? For crying out loud, it’s 9 o’clock on a workday. Can we figure something out here as far as the Eagle city workers go where they can maybe unlock these at a decent time?Harsh lineI bet you received a lot of calls about the guy shooting the bear in Bachelor Gulch. I have a few comments. First off, when I look at the pictures of this guy’s house, I think, what are you thinking, buddy? You moved into the bear’s back yard, took up his space, then you turn around and kill him because he’s invading your space? I think you’ve got it backwards, seriously. My second comment is what’s going to be done about someone shooting a 9 millimeter pistol really close to a lot of people’s houses? If you were my neighbor, and I heard a 9 millimeter pistol go off, I don’t care what you were shooting, I’d be over there in your face and I’d be shoving that 9 millimeter pistol down your throat. I think it’s pretty ridiculous that you don’t give a crap about the animals in this valley and you obviously See Tipsline, page AXXdon’t give a crap about the other people that reside in this valley. Go back to wherever it was you came from, drive your SUV home, and let the valley alone, leave the bears alone, it’s ridiculous. You should be shot yourself.Gotta be a conspiracyI’d like to know what’s up with the Minturn Town Council, making this new development go in that’s going to be too high and too close to the road. Does anyone know why people get special treatment in Minturn? Oh, because it’s Minturn.Um, not Beaver CreekJust wondering who’s in charge of your file photos. Monday you have a picture of people at Beaver Creek Oktoberfest, and then today, another one, neither one of them are in Beaver Creek. On Monday they’re partying in front of the Lancelot in Vail, and on Wednesday’s they’re partying at One Vail Place. You guys might want to check your photos a little better.Way to goThis is Mary Jo Allen. I just wanted to compliment the Vail flower crew on the beautiful flowers all around town and in the roundabouts. They’re spectacular this year. Congratulations.Sticking up for usWith all the chaos going on in Minturn I’d like to say that it’s great to see one of its public servants, Tom Sullivan, really stick up for the people in Minturn. Against all odds, he’s still banging heads. Keep up the good work, Tom. And also, I just can’t figure out why nobody has been complaining about harboring farm animals. What’s up with that?Getting away with itWhy aren’t there any cops out when you need them? Some … from the Sonnenalp rich guy came barreling by us probably doing 80 mph. Will he get pulled over? No. But luckily we’ve got 24 hour enforcement here in the Vail Valley. Whatever.Not so muchI don’t understand why everybody’s so sour about the Kobe Bryant case and the supposed waste of money. It only was 10 percent of the prosecution’s budget, according to the newspaper. 10 percent. Hey. Just think of all the meals and hotel rooms and free publicity. Gosh, we had some great advertising there, and besides, we all know that only about 2 percent of all rapes in Eagle County ever get a conviction.RidiculousA message to the Thursday, Sept. 9, paper about the Kobe Bryant case. Again that Eagle County DA’s office puts a woman out there to wipe up their mess. Yes, we are mothers always. We’ll never ever not be mothers. It’s amazing how this Dana Easter can now go out in public and say that the charges of her having sexual relationships with maybe more than one person within three days is bogus, according to Dana Easter … . Then for the victim to come out and say she can’t go further with the case. Again, the prosecutors failed. Mark Hurlbert, Woody Harrelson Jr., failed miserably, miserably, in having a 90 percent case against Kobe Bryant. I mean we’re not stupid. The public is not stupid. The public is the one that serves on the jury. And for the DA’s office to cover their tracks up with the victim and now with Dana Easter is mind-boggling. I’m totally disgusted. They should have sense enough the day they couldn’t prove it when Pamela Mackey did come out with that evidence, with those charges, that she had sexual relationships with maybe more than one guy within a three-day period. That’s when the prosecution should have either gone on the stick or gotten off the stick and not wasted Eagle County taxpayers’ money, whether it’s $300,000 or $400,000 that they spent on this case. They made a mockery of the judicial system and they also made a mockery of the rape victim ordeal. It’s a total embarrassment. Mark Hurlbert should have to pay at least 50 percent of that money that went out because his ego and the defense attorneys’ egos got in the way also. Smelly plantIf you think the wastewater treatment in Vail and Gore Creek is bad, you ought to take a walk along the bike path in Avon, behind the wastewater plant in Avon. It smells like a dead cow.Or notPerhaps if Butch Mazzuca had watched the CBS special on George Bush’s lack of participation in any war, he would have refrained from talking about John Kerry’s actions in a war that he actually attended and also he probably shouldn’t choose Bill O’Reilly from Fox News anywhere if he wants to be taken seriously. Must be MartiansThis is Steve from Minturn, and I agree I’m a nut for conspiracy theories, but this is one that we all have to take a look at it, at least thinking critically. About the Pentagon’s attack there on Sept. 11. Go to It’s a very interesting video. Why is there no plane found in the Pentagon, and no fire from 6,500 gallons of fuel? Very interesting. Take a look.Just a show, dudeI just watched the first 30 minutes of “The Apprentice” and I think I’m going to puke. This Raz guy looks like a cartoon character. No class, just brass. New York will eat him alive. He is without a doubt the biggest bag of wind I have ever seen. Typical of a “born with a silver spoon in his mouth” rich kid. I predict the women will kick his pretentious butt. What an embarrassment to the Vail Valley. I’m done watching.Stuck in VietnamIn the opening paragraph of his most recent column, Mr. Mazzuca states “I wasn’t going to write about the swift boat controversy because there are more important subjects.” That was a true statement and right then he should have stopped writing. However, since he chose to continue, I want to know when he will provide us with an honest explanation of Mr. Bush’s obvious evasion of military service and his very questionable performance in the National Guard.What case?I’m just calling to make a comment on the Kobe Bryant case against the alleged victim. Mark Hurlbert is correct, we need to move on. And that’s right, Mark Hurlbert, I don’t feel you should be a DA. So come November, we’re going to vote you out. As far as you had a solid case, then it should be at trial right now. The bottom line is the case has been dismissed and therefore you didn’t have a strong, solid case. I’m sorry, but the writing is on the wall, and as far as I’m concerned, it has always been on the wall even before you filed it. The case should never have gotten as far as it got. Kobe is a free man and the alleged victim as far as I’m concerned made a false accusation, our tax money was spent for no reason, and yes, it is time to move on. I just wanted to note that the bottom line is this. Kobe is a free man, and if you can prove otherwise, then the case should be at trial.I know, I know!This is in response to Tony’s reward for $100 for spray painting his truck. Cacioppo did it. Can I get my $100?Vail, Colorado

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