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Puzzle pieceThank you to the Vail Valley Foundation for opening the door and giving others in the community a chance to step up to the plate as the final pieces of the Edwards development puzzle are put into place. I commend developers Rick Hermes and George Sanders for the vision of how non-profits and for-profits can work together for the betterment of the entire Vail Valley and for having a long-term plan to save even more open space than any of us ever dreamed could become a reality. Well duh, peopleRegarding “Lindstrom also said he’d like to investigate the prospect of new or increased tourism-related business taxes to fund tourism promotion in the state.” Go figure, tax us poor taxpayers again? How about this, run your government the way the rest of us poor private sucker taxpayers have to – make it in business or go broke. … And regarding this “A monorail system could be a long-term proposition, Lemon said, but only if the private sector paid for much of the system.” Once again, “private sector” is the poor sap taxpayer. Try it this way. Put in a commuter train between Glenwood and Denver, with various stops in the towns. Help Union Pacific pay for their track maintenance, no new lanes of traffic and bye bye more Mother Nature (the one thing these tourists really like in Colorado), not to mention a train would be fun to get to the ski slopes or just to take for fun. Well duh, people. H.M.Telling forum I’d like to thank the Vail Daily for the Tipsline forum. Rarely can you find a fun news forum like this where the ignorance of the citizens of the Vail Valley can be gauged so effectively.Brick by brickAnyone who sat in the bleachers during the summer and watched Coach Pat Engle and his assistants work with the Battle Mountain High School football team can fully understand why the team won so magnanimously on a recent Friday night. The dedication these coaches have instilled in the players, along with the commitment the players gave to weight training and attending practices speaks volumes for all involved. Under the incredible guidance of these coaches, older players worked with younger players to mold a strong cohesive brotherhood. These coaches have built a team brick by brick, and brick by brick Battle Mountain should have a successful season. GO HUSKIES!Pickin’ on drunksJust a sidebar note for any locals out there that feel like going out at night: Don’t go spending money because the town of Vail cops are out hunting for locals that have had a few drinks. I got taken in again last night for the second time in probably two months, and while my drinking habits may be called into question, perhaps the town of Vail Police should find something better to do with their bulletproof vests on than hassle a skinny drunk guy. This is from all the locals to the town of Vail Police. Back off, because some civil disobedience is coming.Wasted our moneyMark Hurlbert. How could you dare say you were confident if the alleged victim was not or is not confident? Bottom line is you simply wasted my money and everyone else’s. It’s just another example of Eagle County’s “I don’t care as long as we can get money” policy. Looks like this time it backfired in your face, or should I say in our face, our money. … Rather – notLies, damn lies, and CBS News! Dan Rather is an egomaniac and borderline sociopath. Had CBS News diversified its staff, they wouldn’t be in this situation. … By the way, many of us remember Rather trying to throw the 2000 election with his outright lie about the polls in Florida being closed, and we remember him pandering to Hussein to bolster his CBS’ blatant political agenda, and too many glib lies to mention from Rather and “60 Minutes” over the decades. Vail, Colorado

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