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Bicycle politicsRecently a person called in to say cyclists and skateboarders do not pay for roads, and therefore they should not be on them. I’d like to say that in addition to the gas tax this person mentioned, property taxes also pay for roads. I own a car, several bikes, as well as a home. My taxes help pay for the roads, and the law dictates I can use the roads to drive my car or ride my bike. “Share the road” signs are posted throughout the valley to remind people that they are required by law to share the road. The truth is everyone on this planet is paying the price so that all of us upstanding, taxpaying, gas guzzling citizens can drive our destructive vehicles on the nifty roads we paid for. The people who we are supposedly defending in the Middle East might not have been so victimized if our oil dependency hadn’t made their leaders so rich and powerful. Doubtless this caller also believes that our country got involved in declared war on the awful rulers there for purely humanitarian reasons. If you or anyone else really believes that, then why didn’t we help those suffering people before 9/11, and why aren’t we helping other suffering similar oppression in Africa and South America? Perhaps we aren’t helping the others that suffer because they don’t have tons of oil to sell our country. As an average American we wreak so much havoc on the poor across the grove and on our own planet it seems ridiculous to be attacking a young man for riding a skateboard on the road. I read what the skateboarder wrote, and it’s true, he might be a little naive. But at least he’s not contributing to the enormous problem that you and I are a part of, and if you’re going to be part of the problem, at least know what your actions really stand for, and stop hiding behind the guy that’s being a good person.Make up your mind I love the Tipsline. I love to hate the Tipsline. I love to hate the Bush haters. I hate the Kerry lovers. I love the Hurlbert haters. I hate the Dana Easter lovers. I love the Kobe haters. I hate the Kobe lovers. I hate the bear lovers. I love the Bachelor Gulch bears haters (shooters). I love to hate and love the Tipsline dribble. I am confused about free speech. P. Switzer. Wolcott. Yes, but …The Eagle County Charter Academy actually welcomes all ethnic groups. But they do not offer free busing, free lunches with average cost to Eagle County taxpayers of $480 a school calendar year per kid, or Head Start programs. Parents have to be “inconvenienced” to get their kids to that school, and the parents have to volunteer their time, too. They probably have to fill out more than just “names, grade, telephone number and some city as a birth place” on their child’s school enrollment records to enroll in ECCA, as well. Unlike our public school records which only require the above-mentioned for enrollment aka taxpayer funding per student.End of the worldRegarding “Ballots break language barrier,” what language barrier? I have no language barrier. Do you have a language barrier? Legal immigrant citizens have no language barrier or they cannot become legal voting U.S. citizens. They have seven years to learn speaking, writing and reading in English. It is the law. This is shades of an “Arn Menconi election,” only bigger, folks.What do you want?I’d like to call and comment on what a great job the Vail Daily does in regards to reporting the news, being right on time. Also the sports department. They report all the sports just great. I’m really excited to see the disc golf on the front page, and also the skaters on the front page, they’re just tremendous athletes. And I’d really like to thank the Vail Daily for keeping us totally informed on everything going on in the community and making our community a better place to live. And I vote the Vail Daily the best paper in the universe.All righty, thenLet’s set the record straight. Richard DeClarke did not donate Park DeClarke. He purchased that lot for $60,000 and sold it to the Edwards Metro District for $118,000.Should just leaveWhat we really need to do is bring our troops home and stop the destruction that we’re doing in the Middle East, and bring them home to help with the reconstruction of our battered country from the hurricanes. … Still riding?I’ve been a rider for the ECO Transit for some time now, for many, many years, and I would think that Jack Ingstadt would be looking into the seniority methods of ECO. I’ve seen drivers way too exhausted and trying to drive, trying to keep up or pass someone on that list, and I have heard of drivers driving more than 60 hours a week, which is a big no no with CDOT and I think it’s a safety issue that needs to be looked at. I think Jack ought to do that. Simplifying thingsThis tip is in response to the letter from Barbara Burner from Eagle. She could have saved a lot of writing and probably got rid of most her letter if she had just come out and said vote the complete Republican ticket instead of trying to find out what the issues are and make up your own mind. She evidently thinks that the Republicans can do no wrong. But there are other people out there, whether they be independents or Democrats or whatever other parties that might have some better ideas. So the next time Ms. Burner wants to put a letter in the paper maybe she ought to just shorten it and just say, “Vote Republican.”Pay us backHow ridiculous. I cannot believe that we spent $400,000 on a case that was dropped. I think the alleged victim should have to pay that money back once she settles it with Kobe; $400,000 is too much of my tax money just to have her refuse to go through with it.Ah, enough alreadyOh get over it, Vail Daily and Randy Wyrick. Kobe Bryant is a free man. We have just wasted $400,000 for nothing. So, it doesn’t matter what they mailed to you concerning that case. It’s over with. So don’t even print it in the paper. You are just wasting your time.What position?Thanks for taking my call. Did anyone possibly hear John Kerry’s interview with Don Imus of MSNBC? He said that he unequivocally would not have voted for the Iraq war under any circumstance whatsoever. However, he went back and said he would not change his vote for voting for the war. Absolutely not. Unequivocally, it was a good thing to depose Saddam Hussein. Come on people, wake up. This guy doesn’t have a straight story if he was talking to God. He just doesn’t have a clue. Tough questionIs Dan Rather sleazy or senile or both? Thank you.Too much TVI’ve been watching Kobe and Scott Peterson, both very closely, and it’s very interesting how defense lawyers spin everything that they do, and I being the victim of a rape so horrific you can’t believe. It’s so interesting how defense lawyers and Democrats can spin things to make them seem OK, and they’re not. Come on kids, wake up. See the world as it is. Get with the program.SuspiciousBarbara Duncan or Rick Hermes, since when does Rick Hermes care about controlled growth? His initial plan for the Eaton property was to have the maximum density possible. Whose back pocket are you in, Barbara Duncan? How do you write a letter to the editor about an article that appears in the paper the very same day? Who really wrote this letter, anyway?

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