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Don Rogers’ criticism in the Nov. 23 Vail Daily of Councilwoman Donovan for exercising independent judgment about the convention center was out of line. Some of us voters expect our elected leaders to save us when it is clear that facts learned after an election might have changed the result of the election. Even the Vail Resort employees and lodging employees might have voted against the convention center had they known the convention center in Keystone was losing money at the rate of $1 million per year. Keystone’s deficit should only increase when and if the Vail Convention Center comes on line to divide the “pie” more. Dividing the “pie” won’t hurt Vail Resorts, since their hotel, the Marriott, and the new developments in Lionshead they are proposing will benefit most directly because of proximity to the Vail Convention Center. Why else would they be providing the land? The town of Vail and taxpayers take the liability and Vail Resorts takes the income. I recognize we are here because of Vail Resorts and their predecessors, but this is a bit much. The timing of the release of the deficit statistics and increase in funding required in Keystone because of their convention center was made after our convention center election and is certainly bad luck, maybe suspect, and possibly bad faith. If any company employees took any action to delay the release of the Keystone information, a criminal offense and/or voter election fraud may have occurred.

Voters duped?

You know that the “Marriott” convention center has been approved by a majority of 55 votes. The citizens of Vail have subscribed to a huge debt for 20-25 years at least, and that’s just the tip of the icebergs, folks. VR will dump some other project on our doorstep soon. Just wait and see. And when it’s all said and done, and we’re neck deep in debt, guess who will bail us out? I don’t know. Do you?

1 man’s superlative

Dear Mr. Richard Carnes: Actually spectacular is not a superlative. Had they said most spectacular then it would have been a superlative. A real writer or journalist would have known this. I rest my case. Perhaps you should find a job doing something you’re good at.

Parking price

I have a comment about the new structure of the town of Vail parking payments. If you’re a resident of Eagle County, they’re going to charge you $6 per time you go into the parking structure, except for on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, when it’s going to be twice that, $12. But, there are only 220 spaces in the village top deck, or 99 spaces in the Lionshead second floor available for those value card holders. OK, so now let’s see, you can pay $12 on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday with your pass, but you have to pay $5 to get your new pass, which is like the fourth time in the last 10 years that they’ve charged us $5 to get the new pass, or you can pay $13 for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday for the whole day. Or, after that, you have 20 other choices. First off, that’s not much help to the local person, and second, the more complicated you make it, the fewer people have any incentive to go to Vail. If people have to think, “Am I going to go after 3, and I have 60 minutes, or if I can pay $2 for two hours, or buy a token for three hours for $3 …” I think Vail is slitting their own throat on this one.

Heroin is bad

I’d like to educate everyone on the drug heroin. Heroin is really bad for you. It can even cause death. Imagine that? It would be nice if our newspapers would do a small story educating people on heroin and letting people know where it comes from, what countries it comes from, how it’s imported into the United States, and who is importing this dangerous drug into the United States. But I don’t know if it will ever happen. My, what a diverse society we have here in Eagle County now. I’ll be praying for you all.

PE outside school

I think that the Eagle County School District’s high schools should give some kind of a physical education credit to all those students who are not necessarily in sports in school, but are (outside of school). For example, if you buy a ski pass and you go boarding or skiing, they should have a credit, just like all the jocks in the high school. And, also, there are probably a lot of students that don’t do any sports in school, but they are in Tae Kwon Do, dance or gymnastics. Those students also need to get a partial credit or however it works for the sports in the school credits, they should also receive a credit because it really is a sport, you need to have all the same basics that you do if you were in basketball or football at the high school. So those kids need to have a credit. It costs money as well.

Lack of courtesy

This is in response to a Tipsline that appeared in the Wednesday, Nov. 13, edition. I, too, have a post office box in the Avon post office and continue to be disappointed with the level of professionalism and courtesy from the postal clerks in place to “assist” customers. The writer of the letter states, “if you’re not satisfied with the Avon post office, there are other post offices you can go to.” An answer such as that to a problem tells me this person must not consider convenience or proximity to home as a necessity.

I believe we are still all under the assumption that no matter where you shop, eat, bank, or conduct other daily tasks, such as needing to go to the post office, simple kindness and a certain level of customer service is an expectation. … I dread standing in that line and eventually having to interface with one clerk in particular. I have heard her snap at customers who don’t know all the rules of the post office. Is that not why we have people in those positions? To assist and better guide the general public as to what steps are needed to properly mail something? … Maybe I am naive, perhaps an optimist, but I treat the clients I work with with an attentive ear, not just a curt answer. … Last time I checked, honey goes a lot farther than vinegar! … Another disgruntled Avon Box Holder, KAS.

Hey, plow this!

You have got to be kidding me, right? You raise our city taxes,-resort taxes and you even-invent “new” taxes for-your next agenda-and Avon is facing a $500,000 cash shortfall? Do people know that our taxes paid for the bronze statues all over town? Well here is my idea, sell the horse statues in the round about that you paid over $400,000.00 for and you will be able to hire more snow plow drivers. Do you mean to tell me that the town of Avon, Beaver Creek, Bachelor Gulch, Arrowhead and-Eagle-Vail-are willing to risk the safety of the community and its visitors?-We are a ski resort town. You have to find money in your budget for plow drivers to make our roads safe.- So you cut back on snow plow-money,-is the Town of Avon prepared to-pay-for-our-auto insurance deductibles due to more accidents? Do I need to remind you that our community relies on the employees that live here-to drive through Avon to get to these fabulous resorts? Do I also need to remind you that our guests need to drive through Avon and arrive safely at these resorts? If we see an influx of accidents due to lack of plowing do you know how bad that will make the town of Avon look? Come on,-stop spending our tax dollars on unnecessary garbage in the roundabouts and get the plow men back on the road! Wait until CNN gets ahold of this information. Valerie S., Avon.

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