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Stealing reservoirAs Gypsum just stated that they are going to draw off water from the Colorado River to support this new Gypsum Valley Road subdivision, my question is, what are they planning to do when there is no longer any emergency river water to release? See Vail Daily, July 9, “Dwindling river gets a little relief.” “So much water is being drawn out of the Colorado River, flows hit record low. Flow of the Colorado River from Kremmling to Dotsero has gotten so low that it has prompted a rare emergency release of water stored in Wolford Mountain Reservoir northwest of Kremmling.” Is Gypsum’s new solution to force another rancher to give up their water rights? Where is responsible Gypsum town management? Because we residents sure aren’t seeing any. As a bumper sticker I just saw says, “Don’t Steal. The Government Hates Competition” And boy, folks, isn’t that the truth?Bus rate hike?This is in reference to the ECO transit. I’m a longtime passenger, and Tim Hawkins’ letter brought to light why most of the drivers look tired. It concerns me as a passenger that these drivers have been put into this situation for seniority. It looks as though management is not taking care of the safety of the passengers, so I think this is something that should be looked into very closely. Also, the drivers have advised me that there will be a 50 percent increase. I’d like to know, is this increase coming through based on they don’t have enough drivers and people don’t want to work at ECO and am I now going to have to pay for this overtime because ECO cannot get drivers? Ageism Beware, employers, there’s an awful lot of age discrimination out there, and there is a price to pay for it.Yeow!This is for the dog. As a cat lover and owner I am seriously mortified and appalled at your “How to clean your toilet the fun way.” Town Talk printed Sunday, Sept. 26, but as a person with a sense of humor, that was awesome. Kudos!The big dealRegarding Park De Clark, as previously stated, De Clark did not donate the park area. Homestead bought it from him. The tab was then immediately put on the athletic club fees of all the homeowners. My husband and I are Homestead homeowners, and know nothing about the park except for the fact that we paid for it and it has a funny name.Loser liberalsMy name is Wes and this is for the landowner in Wolcott whose signs have been damaged by some loser liberals. I’d be more than happy to make a contribution to pay for new signs. Just give me a call, 524-1110. … Vail, Colorado

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