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The Town Council just doesn’t get it. We are in the red. Stop this ongoing chatter. That’s out of date anyway, it belongs in another century, and get our town running on the black track. Put practicality back in your vocabulary. Our kids won’t appreciate the debt you’re piling up. Get after the fat landlords. Get them to reduce rents so businesses can survive. That would be meaningful to all of us.

I’m open Fridays

This is Joel Kaye calling. I saw a little blurb about a week ago with regards there are no dentists working on Friday in Vail. I’d just like you to know that I am a dentist working in Edwards and I do practice every Friday in Edwards. My office number there is 926-1519, and again, my name is Joel Kaye.

Crime beat

In response to not covering Mike enough, you ask if he had been found guilty of anything, would the Vail Daily then have done a story? I’d have to say no. Throughout the years of reading the Vail Daily it’s evident that at times a staff writer will get on some sort of personal crusade, and would rather write a headline or give more press time about something passive in comparison to let’s say a murder trial, or a convicted drunk driver who commits vehicular homicide, which you’ll maybe read about it, oh, once or twice. I’ve seen a couple of examples where a staff writer runs an honest citizen through the public ringer over and over again, photo and all, even if not proven guilty.

Blocking traffic

This is just a friendly reminder to the lady that parks right in front of the Vail post office door to run in and get her mail. She lives off Lions Ridge Loop. Would she please park like everybody else so she doesn’t block traffic for the rest of us? Happy holidays.

So trim that force

I just read the tip about trimming the Avon police force, and I have to say that I agree. I can’t believe how big the police force is in Avon, and there’s really not that much to keep them busy.

Light Scrooge

I was just wondering who pays for the Christmas lights in Avon and Vail. Are those taxpayer dollars that are being used to fund the man hours to light those trees and pay for the electricity for the Christmas lights themselves? If so, what kind of a tab are we talking about for the Town of Vail and what kind of a tab are we talking about for the Town of Avon? You know the city and county of Denver doesn’t pay for Christmas lights anymore. Any Christmas lights on city and county buildings in Denver are paid for by contributions.

So there

There’s a snowboard thief in Vail, and he’s not very smart either. He stole a 3-year-old Burton FLA board, which makes him an idiot.

Police serve purpose

I’d like to tip my hat to all those tipsters bringing up issues such as bronze statues, flowers, cutting back snowplow drivers, cost of electricity for Christmas lights, and then, the one that rung a bell was the Gestapo Avon police. I like the Gestapo Avon police. They keep the gang members in check, which keeps heavy drugs such as cocaine and heroin out of our community, which also would probably cut down in local deaths.

Doesn’t like police

Yeah this is in response to the Avon tax issue and snow plowing. I totally agree with the people look at Avon what are they wasting all the taxpayers’ money on anyway that they had to cut back on plowing? I mean give me a break. They have like 10 policemen that don’t do a thing but give the local taxpayers a hard time, and when they do come across something criminal related they have to call in Eagle County because they are too dumb to figure … out. … And why do they insist on buying five brand new police SUVis every year? And I bet you didn’t know that your paying Avon tax for the Avon police detectives to go to random cases outside Avon that are completely irrelevant. That’s money well spent. I know that it looks like I’m just talking … about the cops, but it really is the truth and we need to open our eyes and do something about how our money being spent here. Lacy Y.

Get up earlier

As an Eagle-Vailite myself, I can understand the frustration the person had about the new school lane on Highway 6. After all, we as Eagle-Vailites have been subjected to those annoying slow down zones or stop signs next to the pocket parks through our area where the little kids play, and now they actually want us to slow down through a school zone? Well I have a hint for that person that I have personally employed. I set my alarm clock for 20 seconds earlier than I used to, as that is the approximate time I lose when the lights are flashing. I hope that helps. If not, there’s always Prozac.

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