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I can stand itAndy Wiessner says that Tipsline should be abolished. Because people say things he doesn’t agree with. And he can’t even find out who they are, so he can’t retaliate. These yahoos just get away with making their nasty remarks. Wiessner says such divisive opinions drive us apart. After all, everyone should think like he does, right? This is Terry Quinn, and I approve this message. NuisanceThe invasion of Iraq was far from “needless” and the events of Sept. 11, 2001, were far more than a “nuisance.” These statements by John Kerry prove him to be more ignorant and inept than anyone could have anticipated. Many prominent Democrats agree: Regardless of anyone’s misgivings about President Bush, clearly Kerry must be defeated at all costs.Not a fanTo read Arn Menconi’s campaign ads you’d think he’s some super hero, single handedly saving Eagle County in the last four years. What a hoot it is that he takes major credit for things he is only part of, and sole credit for everything the commissioners did as a board. As usual, Menconi’s all about ego and power and helping out his own friends and pet causes. No way he cares about the citizens of Eagle County. He doesn’t even show up at meetings most of the time or he leaves early. Would you keep an employee you were paying $50,000 a year who was a no-show at work? We’ve got to vote him out Nov. 2. Get in some honest man like A.J. Johnson. In act, Arn’s own ad subliminally says we should vote him out. There he is holding that “No on A” sign. Let’s take Arn’s own advice and vote No on Arn.GOP’s faultI can’t understand the American public. Have we forgotten that the Republicans created the Iraq problem? You see pictures of Rumsfield shaking hands with Saddam Hussein after they sold them all these weapons, supplied Iran, the nerve gas and everything else, the missiles, the jets, and now we turned our back on Afghanistan when we helped them beat the Russians. Half the Bush team should be in prison. There’s James Baker, he started the Iran Contra scandal. I mean they all should be in prison, and now they’re running the country again? I don’t have faith in half the American people. I don’t understand it. Kerry contradictionDuring debate No. 3 in Tempe, Ariz., John Kerry claimed to “respect the Second Amendment” and asserted that he “will not tamper with the Second Amendment.” Yet in the previous breath he had just stated that (for George W. Bush) it was a “failure of presidential leadership not to reauthorize the assault weapons ban.” ALL firearm bans “tamper with the Second Amendment!Too muchI didn’t realize that we were nominating Jesus Christ to be president of the United States. Maybe all those people under John Kerry, when John Kerry’s elected, they can walk again. They can have clear vision, they can be free of all their ailments, because John Kerry is president. Maybe John Kerry can walk on water in his concession speech to the United States of America.For the elkMy message is wake up, Minturn. The new proposed RV park with all the hype on the new community center, pool, park, etc. is just not that simple. We will have to pay to use these new facilities, and can only pay to use them during designated times. It’s not free. Beware of false political promises. The RV park does not belong in our charming small town. Besides the noise, traffic, pollution and loss of privacy, we need to remember the elk. They can’t protest, so I am. They were here first and shouldn’t be dismissed in this decision. If the town needs money so bad, why don’t they sell the old community building? Flip flopsChanging one’s position as situations evolve is only intelligent. However, John Kerry simultaneously takes both sides of an issue. And he constantly contradicts himself in rapid succession! In 2004, John Kerry cites the 1991 war that he voted AGAINST as “a model to be followed.” Yet John Kerry voted FOR the 2003 war and calls it “the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time,” although the Boston Globe reports: “John F. Kerry for the first time yesterday said he still would have voted to give President Bush the authority to go to war in Iraq, even if he had known in October 2002 that US intelligence was flawed, that Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction, and that there was no connection between Saddam Hussein and the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.” Some would diagnose such behavior as being symptomatic of schizophrenia.Taxing questionsI read in the Wall Street Journal this week of the following, that President Bush paid 30 percent in taxes and that Mr. Kerry paid only 12 percent on a $6.5 million income. Apparently he has tax shelters that protected him from paying higher taxes. So, he wants to tax the people who earn more than $200,000 because he’s already protected himself. This is another slanderous and inaccurate reporting on Mr. Kerry’s part. However, I think President Bush needs a better tax accountant, don’t you?Right onI just wanted to thank Bob Fiske for taking the time to write such an eloquent and informative letter about Haliburton and opening people’s eyes as to what our government is truly about. Thank you, Bob Fiske.Not a clueThe people who use the sad and unfortunate deaths of Iraqis and our own troops as the reason to get out of there don’t seem to have any clue that the stakes in this war are much bigger. They need to start thinking like Churchill, not Nevil Chamberlain. Ask the Iraqi people whether they would rather have Saddam back and his mass graves and tens of thousands of murders. Ask them if they would rather still be suffering and starving with no food and no medicine while Saddam kept the oil for food money. …

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