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Always whiningThis tip is for David Le Vine. I’ve never met the man, but I read his letters in the Vail Daily all the time, and I thought once W. was re-elected we’d have to stop listening to this jerk, but obviously not. He’s continuing to whine. Is there anybody that whines more in this whole valley than this guy?Gas mafiaI just got gas in Denver for $1.71. Most of them are around $1.80. Here in Eagle County it’s $2.34. Gas went from $56 a barrel to $46 a barrel, not to see the pumps drop one bit here in Eagle County. … Amoco went to $2.21, then down to $2.17, but it’s still $2.34 everywhere else except for Eagle and the Amoco. Thanks for being honest with us, Amoco, and the rest of you people I will be boycotting. …. Kind of reminds me of another company in this community that’s got no competition and a monopoly. …Call President FordWho puts on the Lionshead tree lighting ceremonies? It’s awful. The advertising this year was just in a little box starting Monday or Tuesday, and I don’t see it in the community notes, and last year there were only five people at the Lionshead tree-lighting … . Come on, let’s get a little fair and give equal time to both Lionshead and the Village. Armchair chemistIt was a great letter from Bob Fiske on mag chloride in the Vail Daily. The only problem was there are two chemical compounds that magnesium chloride breaks down into. If you ask any chemical engineer, once it mixes with water, it turns into magnesium hydroxide, which is the precipitate that gums up your windshield and your headlights and could potentially get you killed. The other chemical it breaks down into is hydrochloric acid, which can also destroy your car and get you killed. The stuff needs to go.Vail, Colorado

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