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My name is Pat and I just had a brief complaint about something.

I was at a fast food restaurant he other day and there are a bunch of immigrants or aliens or whatever you want to call them working there. There was a problem with our order, and we were trying to be polite and explain what had happened, and they were very rude.

I think it’s very rude for them, since they are in the United States, to sit there and talk in Spanish to one another when we cannot understand them. How would they like it if they knew no English and we stood there talking back and forth in English.

I think it’s really important that the business owners and managers of the community stress to the Hispanic society that they do need to speak English language since they are in the U.S. when they are working, and working with the public especially.

I could understand if it was another Hispanic that they are waiting on, but when they are taking care of you, and you speak no Spanish, it’s just rude.

This is the type of society unfortunately that we’re getting to and I think we all need to take a look, because we are Americans, and they should be so happy and feel lucky that we allowed them to come into our country and not send them all back like some of them get sent back. Anyway, I just wanted to air my grievances to you.

Welcome home 10th

I think it would be nice if Vail Resorts did something for the returning servicemen of the 10th Mountain Division. While I know they are no longer located here, there is a legacy attached to this position and probably without them we all wouldn’t be here. Surely something could be done to show our appreciation and ties with them. It could be a great PR move also.

Doesn’t get it

I’m calling regarding Steve Ribbet’s April 20 letter to the editor, “Biting the hand that feeds you.” First off, I don’t think you quite got Ms. Courtney Deal’s message, which is all about honesty.

And second, but just as important, quality of life in our valley. Mr. Ribbet’s defense of Mr. Brotman’s pending shady deal should be in question.

I praise anyone who stands up to correcting how our state land is presently sold.

A lot of locals still have a very bad taste in their mouth about how the state land parcel along the Eagle River in Edwards was acquired by Cordillera.

For those who don’t know, the state land parcel along the Eagle River in Edwards, which was purchased by Cordillera for a song and a dance, was a very unpublicized transaction.

Had to chuckle

Hurray for Judge Gilbert. I had to chuckle when I saw the SpeakOut in my doctor’s office and read the headline regarding Judge Gilbert.

Finally somebody that’s willing to tell Mike Cacioppo to grow up. He needs to move out of town with that Brotman fellow.

If he’d leave everybody alone and quit trying to sue people for money he’d be a better person.

P.S.: I’m not leaving my name because I don’t want to be sued for harassment.

Grow up

I just saw that stupid SpeakOut newsletter. I don’t know where this guy gets off, but he really needs to grow up. You can just tell him that. Grow up.

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