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Three cheers for Sally at the Tivoli Lodge. I had a great ski weekend. the people I ran into in Vail Village weren’t always friendly. However, Sally was wonderful and obviously enjoys what she does. Thank you.

Juror speaks out

This is for all those out there who keep making comments about Mr. Cacioppo getting off on the charges that the state brought against him. Well let me tell you what, I was on the jury, and it wasn’t that Mr. Cacioppo did anything to get himself off. It was due to the fact the state couldn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he was guilty on any of the charges. Trust me, most of the jurors felt that what was being said by the state was in fact true, but they just didn’t have the witnesses to back it up. So, if Mr. Cacioppo and all his supporters think he’s made such a huge win, think again. Maybe it wasn’t anything he did, which it wasn’t, other than waste our time, but he did get off. That’s the fact, and he got off because the state lost, not because he won.

Don’t be burned

This is for everybody who is thinking about going to work for a small, privately owned company. Make sure you get everything in writing, vacations, holidays, wages. I worked for a company that went out of business … I trusted the guy. He stiffed me for two weeks vacation and I just want to tell everybody just because they seem like decent human beings, they’re employers and they’re going to try to screw you. So just get everything in writing and go from there. If they say you can trust them, just say, “Yeah, right.”

Not a fan

I’m sitting here today reading Wednesday’s Vail Daily and I can’t believe the letter written in here. I’m sitting here eating a cherry almond fudge ice cream, just having a great time, and read this letter about Mr. Menconi. The basic facts about Mr. Menconi are he’s never around, and if he was around, I don’t know anyone who would listen to him. Ever since James Johnson was elected commissioner I didn’t think there would be a commissioner that was more incompetent. Mr. Menconi, I pray for you, and believe me, if I had been Sara Fisher I would have definitely counted the votes again and made sure you got in, and I know you’re not going to get in next time if you run. So enjoy your next two years and I’m praying for you. Sincerely, A.J.A. God loves you.

Big Brother defeated

I was very pleased to read in the Daily the news about the dismissal of charges against Bruce Gilley. That situation was really pathetic, and a example of “torqamata” and the Spanish Inquisition showing up in Eagle County. It’s a good thing that at least one of the judges had enough sense to be able to recognize the hollowness of the case and it’s an example for all of us in terms of the intrusion of Big Brother into all of our lives.

Come on, guys

I just want to say, what is up with the commissioners of this county? It seems like they just can’t get along. They want to end up keeping Arn Menconi from getting his turn at the chairmanship even though it’s only a figurehead type thing. Maybe it’s time that we go to a home rule and have five or seven commissioners so that we don’t have to deal with all this bullshit from just three of them. That way the rest of the county would end up becoming more represented by the people that are serving them. Also, I want to know what’s up with Gallagher. It seems like when he endorsed Stone for commissioner, he just blew off the rest of the Democratic Party. He’s a turncoat for the Democrats just like Ben Nighthorse Campbell, who ended up getting in on a Democratic ticket and then ended up switching to be a Republican.

You know, I think it’s about time that Gallagher comes out and declares he’s a Republican, because that’s the way he’s been voting and that’s the way he’s been acting. I think that he ought to just come out and say he’s a Republican and that way the people who voted for him would end up being able to say OK, if he’s a Republican and they don’t want to vote for him, then fine.

Right on

Here’s the tip of the week. Don Roger’s column today is right on the money. Today being Friday, Dec. 20. He should increase the font size, take out the big words, and send it on to the Avon Police Department. Happy holidays.

Just say your piece

I feel ski instructors are very good at what they do. However, when it comes to writing articles to the Vail Daily, I feel it’s not necessary to preface every single article with “I’m a ski instructor and this is how I feel.” Give me your opinion. I don’t care if you’re a ski instructor. That’s all I have to say.

Oh, brother

I’m in need of clarification. In Friday’s paper in Town Talk when he was talking about the loser who chopped down the top of the Joey tree, the titan of Town Talk called him limp-wristed. I’m wondering if he was making a derogatory comment about homosexuals or a derogatory comment about paraplegics. Please, let us know.

Water woe

In reference to your article “The Interior Department to cut California/Colorado river water”: First of all, “to cut” is the wrong and misleading phrase to use to inform and educate your reading public. California has been using 15-20 percent more water recently than is allowed in their allocation. This water use is above what they’re supposed to use. 2. We of Colorado want to cheer that we are going to have the protection of our water and that California needs to get real. 3. For the first time in a long time, we in Colorado are facing a real drought possibility, and California is going to have to realize that there might be a short supply and maybe then they will have to cut their use lower than what is there for their legal allocation.

Too much giving

When my child was born, there was a 12 year old undocumented “immigrant” child in the bed next to mine. She had just given birth to her first baby and colored in coloring books the entire stay. Her mother and 17-year-old boyfriend were also present and when the Social Worker asked them how they planned to take care of and support this new baby, they both laughed, and the boyfriend stated, “We are not supporting this baby. This baby is going to support us” (with welfare). You see, if a child is born in the USA and then the parent returns to Mexico, we, being the good people that we are, mail the welfare check to them. We have created this situation. The 12-year-old is very much still a child (no longer a burden to her family, though). The new baby wasn’t something to be treasured and loved. He is a meal ticket and that is wrong. We have only ourselves to blame.Without free U.S. dollars (like dangling a carrot!), this would not have occurred.

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