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I’m tired too Am I the only one that is sick of some of these teachers whining and whining and whining every week about the TAP program? You guys and gals want a raise? Fine, well then you can show us you deserve it and earn it, just like the rest of us in the real world. That’s the deal that was put out there years ago. Yet from the very first second it was proposed, some of these teachers cried like babies and did everything to derail it. Are you not paid enough? Well then get a second job like the rest of us. Do you have to work 10+ years to gain experience before you make a decent living? Oh so sad. Are you stretched thin and forced to work extra hours? Well guess what, join the club. If you have it so bad, do yourself and the rest of us that read the Vail Daily and quit your job. Yes, that’s right, quit for goodness sake and spare us the incessant whining. No one has a gun to your head, forcing you to work for the school district. If you have it so rough, I’m sure with your education, work ethic, and drive you’ll find something soooo much better in the real world. Come on, do it. I dare you. But then again, you’ll get less vacation time for the whole year than what you previously received in just the month of December, let alone summer or the other 11 months of the year. Personal days? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Tenure? Give me a break. Generous Colorado PERA benefits? We could be so lucky. Oh and you better be careful, once you are in private business, your employer will NOT put up with your rotten attitude that some of you have, and you will be fired. Yes, fired. In fact, that is an idea that the school district should start thinking about. They need to eliminate the poison that infects some of these “professionals.”Vail, Colorado

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