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Under your noseHey Vail Daily. Way to go. I’m super-psyched you don’t even realize, maybe you do, your AP fashion editor writes a big piece about watches when we have one of the best watch stores in the whole world right in Vail which you haven’t even acknowledged on your list. It’s called Wall Street Fine Art and the Balance Wheel is in there. You don’t even list them on your free listings. You have all these AP writers and you can’t even cover a local section. What are your writers doing?Toughest jobGood afternoon. If I may respond to our caller that says we haven’t had a good president in 150 years: You must be older than our nation itself. The president of the United States is the most stressful job in the world. These gracious men turn gray overnight. It may not be the president of your choice. But before you become a Bush-basher, please keep in mind that we need to protect our president. He’s the only one we’ve got at this point. Anyone can be a very good winner, it takes a special person to become a good loser. God bless and good day. My name is B. Frank.Dress codeWould somebody please buy Adam a new sweater? Then he would have a total of two.Loved that letterI hope everyone in Minturn read Clay Hall’s letter in the Vail Daily last week. What a great letter. One of the best I’ve read in a long time. Way to let the people know what’s up. I feel bad for people from California that knew nothing and know nothing and lead a real deprived life. How sad. But don’t make comments about our community. It just goes to show what great people we have in our community, and we have great people here. Keep it up, Minturn.Medical marijuanaMy late cousin spent around 10 years suffering from AIDS. He never smoked cannabis until he went on AZT and the other medications he needed to stay alive. He smoked and ate cannabis to combat the awful nausea and to restore his appetite so he could eat. He consumed it because it works. Sometimes I believe the United States is more like the former Soviet Union than a democracy. I don’t believe the government or even a multitude of Nazi communist American citizens that infect our country have any right to tell responsible citizens what they can or can’t do. … Vail, Colorado

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