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Is that a barracks across I-70?I’ll tell you what. Vail’s really looking good with that employee internment camp across the highway there. That’s what you do with your indentured servants. You put them in the prison compound. You can’t go anywhere because you can’t afford it anyway because you’re living in this great housing that looks like the barracks. Have a blast. Think snow. Peace and love.Thought Christmaswas about Him Howdy. I was just watching the news here, seeing the big beef in Denver about having religious-oriented floats in the parade down there. That don’t make sense. This is Christmas. I ain’t a religious man, but if you read the first few letters there in Christmas, it’s Christ. It’s Christ’s birthday. How can these people be going off on this? Don’t make sense.Plow the path, pleaseI’m just wondering if the bike path in Eagle-Vail was just built for the summer. It would be nice to see it plowed now for us walkers and was wondering if someone would help us out. Gotta read the paper to see it there$1.9 million for a barn at the fairgrounds? Where on Earth did this idea come from? I never saw a thing about it in the papers. We need a $1.9 million barn like another hole in our heads. Eagle County, send the money to Gypsum to make a really nice rec center. This would far better serve the people in the lower valley region of the county.Presumably, the payincrease was OK …Culture of fear: As a parent, I am very concerned and disappointed in the current condition of the Eagle County School District. A culture of fear seems very prevalent among our teachers. From new teachers to veteran teachers of 20-plus years of experience, it is evident that teachers in the district are very fearful of expressing any opinions publicly about their concerns over TAP. This is a tragic situation considering that the educational community is supposed to be the bastion of free speech, open dialogue and the expression of diverse ideas. This culture of fear has been created by the superintendent of ECSD. Our ECSD teachers are caring, nurturing and extremely hard-working professionals who do not deserve this kind of working environment. Recently D.R. wrote that teachers in the district, in regards to TAP, need to step up or step out. The teachers did not create this culture of fear so it might better be said that it’s time for the ECSD board to step up and time for the superintendent to step out.Vail, Colorado

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