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Paid for performanceI’m calling in regards to the article in Tipsline about the TAP program and about how people are tired of listening to the teachers. I’m a daughter of two veteran teachers in the district. I just want people to realize that the teachers are working really hard to get these kids and the programs going and to do the jobs they are meant to do. The TAP program has actually segregated schools more than it has brought them together. It has made teachers hate their jobs and not want to go back. It has made the schools like Stepford, and it’s just one of the things people don’t understand. People need to take a good hard look at what it’s really doing to the schools and what’s really best for the children and this is really not it because the teachers can’t teach. They have to be taught by exactly what the standards are, they are being paid for performance. If their class is low then they’re not getting their raises.Shouldn’t countJust watching ESPN news this morning about Barry Bonds. Supposedly didn’t take any steroids that he knew about. Any record that he might break should not count. Just like Pete Rose. If you’re going to go after Peter Rose for losing $112,000 on his own team, Barry Bonds. Come on. With the personality he’s got. He’s got a personality like a toilet bowl. He’s a nerd and a jerk. So his records don’t count. Long live Hank Aaron and the Babe. Hank was a class act.Stood next to ”emThis is in reference to the comment in Tipsline “Where were police,” from concerned citizen of Eagle during the Christmas parade. I was standing next to three Eagle police officers throughout the night, and evidently whoever wrote this comment was someplace else. The police were definitely present. Perhaps he feels that police are not people-friendly because they’re not people-friendly with those who break the law and cause trouble in our community.Identify yourselfThis message is for the lady or gentlemen who left the message “I’m too tired” in regards to the teachers complaining about TAP. I think it’s so lovely that you can express yourself so well, but I think you must be so spineless that you couldn’t sign or leave your name with such a message. My name, by the way, is Claudia.Claude don’t tipThis is regarding the article about the sagging dollar by Cliff Thompson and basically I’m just speaking for the bellman. He says here it can add to more tips if the Europeans can come over and the bottom line is Europeans don’t tip, especially the ones from the United Kingdom. So I just wanted to clarify that it’s not going to make the bellman more money because as a rule they just don’t tip. That’s it.Struck a nerveThis is to “I’m tired, too” about the TAP program. I just wonder if this person has children and if this person has ever spent five minutes in a classroom. Clown show… These two clowns, Corey Long and David Dansing: Dansing, 43 of New York, his bond was set at $15,000. … He slipped New York state. He’s out on parole. Are you kidding me? I think the people in the court system need to quit doing the drugs that they confiscate from the criminals. … Vail, Colorado

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