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The pay is fineTo the person that is complaining about the teachers complaining. You have it all wrong. Teachers are not complaining about their pay, they’re complaining about the TAP program. They’re not complaining about their evaluations that are not new to teaching. They are complaining about the TAP program. Why? Because it is not good for the children. This program takes away from the children. The teachers aren’t teaching for the money, they’re in it for the kids. That is the kind of people that get into teaching. Teaching is not a business and should not be run like one. Children are not products to be pumped out from a factory. That is what the TAP program is causing. That is why teachers are quitting. If you haven’t noticed, they are quitting. Many of them. They are losing hope and heart in this career they chose because of TAP, and I bet if you ask most of them that are quitting it would be because of TAP. You are getting your wish with your angry call. Teachers are giving up. They are quitting. Now that is wonderful for our kids. Isn’t it?Could be you, kidRegarding “Summit County’s growing Latino population is at greater risk of HIV infection than the local white population”: Young people have no personal mortality concerns? They have the immortal, “that happens to other people” attitude. Unfortunately sometimes the “other people” are them.Vail, Colorado

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