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State’s rightsI applaud the person who wrote in to the Tipsline about the medical marijuana issue and I agree. I think the country needs to wake up. Over 70 percent of Colorado voters approved medical marijuana by their vote. The federal government continues to try to make your vote worthless just as they’ve done in the presidential elections to try to see that the states do not have rights to pass their own laws in these areas. There is a states-rights bill out there right now that I would urge you to write your congressmen and support which says that the states have the rights and the voters in those states have the right to pass laws and enforce those laws. There’s 500-600 people I believe right now in Colorado that are registered under the medical marijuana act who can grow six plants, two of which can be in flowering and can produce 2 ounces of marijuana. I think that’s awesome. I just think what would have happened and how much suffering the world would have seen had we taken the same approach towards opium and said oh, somebody might get a hold of this and abuse it. Let’s just not let anyone have it. Think of all the suffering there would be in this world if there weren’t narcotics to help people alleviate their pain.Time to goThis is in response to the Tipsline caller that is fed up with the whiny teachers that are complaining about TAP. I am a teacher, and I do not care about earning a raise. I care about teaching my students in ways that increase achievement. I care about working in an environment that encourages me and supports me in my efforts and is an environment where I am treated with respect and dignity. I’m very good at my job. In fact if test scores mattered, my students had the highest achievement rates in the school and were one of the highest scoring classes in the district. If parents’ opinions matters, my students parents were delighted by the progress that was demonstrated by their children. I say “were” because as the Tipsline caller suggested, I quit. I left in disgust, along with many other teachers, and I will never step foot in an Eagle County School District classroom until TAP and all the administrators responsible for it are gone. I wonder if the caller realizes the school district hired 90 new teachers this year and that some buildings lost almost half their faculty. Eagle Valley High school lost 14, Gypsum Creek Middle lost 10 and Berry Creek Middle lost 10 and Edwards Elementary lost nine. The Tipsline caller referred to the real world. If the ECSD school board and administrators function in a “real world” with real consequences for bad decisions, TAP would never have been implemented. Our district is participating in a seven year experiment that is doomed to fail. I suggest that anyone on the board or administration during the reign of TAP be required to pay remediation to the taxpayers who are forced to pay for this poorly thought-out decision. In the real world, poor decisions cause businesses to fail, people to lose jobs, money and homes. The EDUCRATS never suffer any consequences. Unfortunately, our children are the pawns, our children suffer, and I for one could not in good conscience be part of the ECSD. Happily tutoring in peace. A former long-time ECSD teacher. Who does this?I’m calling if you know who is responsible for cleaning the bike paths in Eagle-Vail.Oh get over itThis is Middle Creek blues. You got something bad to say about Middle Creek, you need to believe in the good that’s been provided for you there, and stop spilling the bad attitude all over yourself, because I can remember the blue plastic tent housing hidden in the brush directly behind the new site, and I think the new version of affordable housing looks much better, and warmer, too.Vail, ColoradoVail, Colorado

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