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Awesome jobI’ll tell you one thing, I’ve been at ski races all over the state, but the job Beaver Creek and Vail Resorts did this past four days is just incredible. The way they took care of the spectators, the course and the course conditions, it couldn’t be better. Great job. Nice to see that we can put on a show like that. Great show. Good job, Vail Resorts. Now get rid of our Turn It uP! class.Get over itHey Gus Nicholson, you stood up for David Levine and you’re saying that he’s not a whiner. Guess what? You lost the election. It’s done, it’s over, and you are whiners and we’re getting a little tired of David Levine and Gus Nicholson writing their letters talking about the sky is falling and it’s doomsday and the world is going to end tomorrow because we have a Republican president. Come on, it’s the holiday season. Why don’t you take that energy that you spend on your computer writing these nasty letters and go out and do some good for a family, adopt a family or something like that, and get over it. He’s there for another four years. Maybe you can change something instead of bitching all the time. OK, OKThis is Kerry from Avon. Just wanted to say I thought that it was very funny that year after year and day after day in the Vail Daily they always print the gas prices at the Eagle-Vail Cafe in Eagle-Vail. Well you know what? It’s not called the Eagle-Vail Cafe anymore, it’s called the Route 6 Cafe, and it’s been that for at least a year. I’ve been in the valley for at least eight years now, and I know it hasn’t been called the Eagle-Vail Cafe for years. All right, maybe a year or two, but long enough that it should be changed in the Vail Daily. Again, this is the Route 6 Cafe, OK, people? Thank you. Just wanted to say my piece.Shouldn’t countAs Hank Aaron just said, anyway you look at it, it’s wrong, and that is a comment from a role model, kids, not from somebody like Barry Bonds. He took steroids to help enhance his performance, and he’s going to break Hank Aaron’s record and Babe Ruth’s record possibly, but he did it illegally, so those records do not count. And kids, please don’t take drugs. They only hurt you, one way or another. Mr. Bonds should hang his head in shame. How disgusting. He’s worthless. He started in the league at about 180 pounds and now he’s well over 220. Imagine that.Lost my stuffI’m a bus driver for Avon Transit. Last Friday, the 26th of November, someone took my bag with books and other gear there. Please return it back to the Avon bus driver. No questions asked. Vail, Colorado

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