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Maybe try againThis message is to the Town of Avon in regards to your attempt at Christmas tree lighting in the roundabout at the base of Beaver Creek. It’s pretty pathetic. Why don’t you give it another try, town of Avon?Cheaper gasJust wanted to let everybody know that the price of fuel barrel has come down about $3.44 which is the lowest it’s been in a few years which means hopefully the valley prices of fuel should drop and to let everybody know to head over to Summit County. The price of regular fuel is only $1.92 a gallon. So take a drive and get some cheap fuel.Feeling neglectedIt seems to be somebody should remind Chris Freud that there’s other sports at Battle Mountain other than the hockey team. Seems to me that Chris gets pretty chummy with one team and that’s the one who gets all the coverage while other sports are left out. Just wanted to let you know there’s a lot of great coaches and a lot of great kids there and they should get the coverage that the other teams get. Real prosMy name is George and I’m a guest in Beaver Creek and I just wanted to commend the Beaver Creek Public Safety Department on such a wonderful job to accommodate my ill wife on my stay. They were the most professional group I’ve ever seen or ever worked with, and I thank them sincerely.Forgotten already?Vail Daily sports editor. You are more than a bit misguided by making a blanket statement there’s no doubt that hockey is the premier program at Battle Mountain High School. Taking nothing away from the hockey players, but what about the high school soccer program? It’s premier in my book. Hockey’s not the only thing in this valley. So anyway, I would be careful about making blanket statements and be sensitive to all the high school students. Pet issuesThe article on Dec. 7 states that if an animal with a microchip ended up in a shelter or a vet clinic it would be known right away that they have an owner. This is an outright lie. Many vet clinics do not have scanners, and Eagle County Animal Shelter will not go to vet clinics to scan found pets if the clinic does not have a contract with them. Eagle County also has a Web site to post lost and found animals. This tool is not even used by Eagle County Animal Shelter to post pets received by vet clinics even when notified a pet was received. Eagle County Animal Shelter will not even pass on information from a vet clinic that a pet was received to pet owners looking for their pets. Avon residents need to know that their pets are taken to the Minturn Animal Hospital. Eagle County Animal Shelter does nothing to help in the return of a pet if the outside agency does not have a contract with them. This is how our tax dollars are serving you. Vail, Colorado

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