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Can always moveI take huge offense to the person who called in complaining about the Eagle Police Department Hey listen, you should try living in Minturn. Then you’ll think Eagle was heaven.Has to be TAP’s faultI am so disappointed to continue hearing disparaging comments made about our local teachers in this paper. My husband and I have opted to keep our children in public schools for one reason only. Teachers. They’re hard-working, dedicated, committed, highly qualified and caring people who touch and encourage our children on a daily basis. I have yet to meet a teacher in this district who is not working at an intense pace. If TAP is all they say it is, and all they claim it to be, then why did we lose approximately 90 teachers last year? Why are three, possibly four principals at the district’s most successful elementary schools calling it a day at the end of the year? Wouldn’t these people want to see the promised glory that is to come? Perhaps there is no grumbling for grumbling’s sake, as D.R. would like us to believe. My thought is that the criticism must have merit, and it is time for the community to take another look at this program.Only if whiningHey Don Rogers. It’s funny how you encourage people to call in and have an opinion on Tipsline, but if their opinion isn’t the same as yours, you call them names, like “whiners.” What’s wrong with that, Don? Is it OK for you to have an opinion and not be called a whiner? But if someone else calls in, they’re a whiner if their opinion doesn’t agree with you? That’s wrong. Take the high road, Don. Don’t call people names. Debate them on the issues.Out of the boxI applaud the Vail Town Council for their recent passing of the natural design for the conference center. As someone who has known Vail since the late ’60s, I think we need to think out of the box and expand our vision of Vail and the quality of life we want for both locals and visitors. I support Bill Jewitt’s comment to go for greatness, but why not continue to build on the natural design, and as opposed to a conical tree structure as proposed by the architect, why not consider a national search for an original artwork in support of the natural design? I think it would give great credibility to Vail’s Art in Public Places Board. I would encourage the Town Council to pay close attention to the issues that really impact the quality of life for the residents and visitors to our little place in paradise.The jalapeno heistPlease help me to understand this. A four-year cook at Eagle County Jail was recently investigated for a week and a half and then fired for giving an inmate a jalapeno pepper. It’s disturbing to know our tax money is used to investigate for a week and a half a very nice old lady who just treats everybody with a little dignity. It’s a wonder they couldn’t bring Kobe to justice. Now she has no job due to a little jalapeno pepper. There’s something very wrong here. Shame on you Sheriff Hoy and Bill Kaufmann. Merry Christmas.New BedrockCongratulations on your selection of the new Vail conference center, also known as the Bam Bam Pavilion. Now all you need to do is cut out holes in the floors of all the town buses so everyone’s seat can contact the road. What’s the new sign going to look like? You know, the one that reads, “Welcome to Bedrock.”Charging kidsECO Transit, why are you charging our local school children $2 to ride what used to a be a great, free mode of transportation? It’s bad enough the school district has taken away most of our school buses, and now you guys are committing highway robbery instead of trying to help our children get to and from school. Please, bring back the free ride for students under 18 with a school ID. It will be a great show of faith for the community.ConfusedIs it too much to expect a little consistency from Don Rogers? On Wednesday, he’s advocating approval of the Crossroads Shopping Center, with new and innovative architecture in Vail. On Friday, he’s slamming the Vail Conference Center for having new and innovative architecture. Get it together, Don.Editor’s note: Rogers did not write the editorial about Crossroads, which last we looked had no cornices, mushroom tops or giant cones in the design, and other than perhaps a little more height, would look like part of town.Vail, Colorado

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