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I agree with you D. Cordes, snowboards need to take safety more seriously, but let’s not forget to include skiers. It doesn’t matter what you put on your feet, everyone on the mountain needs to take responsibility for their safety, as well as that of others. I’m 33 years old and have been snowboarding for about six years. I have been crashed into by skiers as well as snowboarders. Let’s just say ignorance is not just that of a snowboarder! Enjoy the slopes and be safe! Maria

Shame on Daily

Last Monday’s Town Talk went over the line on good taste. For the first 40 years in Vail, celebrities have been able to remain anonymous while on vacation. This town has been a mecca of high profile people from the world of theater, movies, sports, business and the political scene. A nice place to have a very private vacation. Undisturbed. This is not Aspen where celebrity agents call ahead to announce the gallant arrival of their clients. If by chance this article was called in by a PR flak you should be doubly ashamed for giving free advertising. You’ve turned the corner here, and those who wish to remain private while in Vail may become very leery of our town due to your new supermarket approach to journalism. You may be relatively new to the town of Vail. Why don’t you check with Mayor Kurz and other longtime residents before you go off the deep end on this.

Missed the story

I just wanted to let you know I think it’s terrible that you didn’t print any local news in the first paper of the new year, and we had a car accident with a fatality and that didn’t even make it in the paper. I’m sorry if you don’t want the paper to reflect the actual local news, even if it’s bad, but some of us want to know what happens. So, that’s my tip.


This is a question for the Avon Town Council. As a taxpayer and resident in Avon, I would like to know why the town is cutting its snow plowing while they have city employees taking city vehicles home, to Gypsum, Eagle, Red Cliff. What’s wrong with this picture? Can’t the city of Avon save money by making these employees drive their own vehicles to work? Put our tax money to better use, like snow plowing. This would give us safer streets.

Great job

I just finished a 10 day vacation at Tivoli Lodge, and I want to say Tivoli’s the best and I want to say thank you to Bob and Diane Lazier, Ed Moulton, and Mark, a superb ambassador for Tivoli Lodge. Catherine, Kim, Alex, and to Glenda Cordova and her housekeeping staff. We had a great time, service was superb. Hats off, once again, to Tivoli Lodge. Go Tivoli!

Pinko Daily

I noticed your article in the January 1 Daily, “Bushy-washy.” With that title you managed to lower our newspaper to the level of a grocery store tabloid. Of course you always have to try to push your extreme left socialist views. Too bad we cannot have a paper in the valley that reports the news without editorializing everything.

So give some back

I think it’s just simply awesome that we have record numbers at Vail Mountain and Vail Resorts is making a little extra money. Hopefully they’re giving a little of it back to their employees. I hope they give a lot of it to the Cat drivers, because there’s a lot of rocks up there, and they get dug up in goofy places. So maybe if they give the Cat drivers a little more money, they could keep the same people and work the same runs like they used to do years ago.

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