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Not leadingI am in business and voted for the teachers’ pay increase. I am not against performance pay. I am against an evaluation system which costs nearly $2 million a year to administrate, has created two new levels of administrators at the school district level at each school, has enlarged class sizes, has taken money away from school maintenance and support education such as music programs. It’s also a top heavy down system. An effective organization is where the managers lead by motivation, not where managers do not lead, but manage a process and threaten people who challenge the process. Such a system will lower student achievement, not raise it, as teachers are the most important cog in that learning process. Teachers need good leadership and the tools to get their job done. They are not receiving those in the Eagle County School District. Editor’s note: The school district reports that the Milliken Foundation pays the district, not the other way around. And the figure is $45,000, not $2 million. Leash ’emI’d like to have someone address the problem of the loose dogs at the Avon lake. I believe there is a very stringent, strict leash law here. We find dog poop on the path, we find owners with huge dogs and small dogs off of leashes, and when we tell them nicely to put their dogs on the leashes when they’re with children, they get very militant with us. So I would like it heavily patrolled, and I’d like to see strict fines because the rule is your dog needs to be on a leash and it also states you need to clean up dog waste. Any help Avon can give with this would be greatly appreciated, and I think it’s people first, and I do believe if you have a dog it’s not an accessory like a piece of jewelry. It needs to be tended and taken care of, put on a leash and his waste needs to be removed from the path or the green area or in this case the white areas. Please make certain that someone in the right place sees this and hopefully pays some attention to the situation at the Avon lake. Don’t like itI’m a longtime valley resident and I just want to express my opinion on the ugly proposed conference center. I think it looks hideous, it’s not at all in keeping with the beautiful architecture in Vail. But even more so, I’m very worried about the fact that these cornices are being built on purpose to hold the snow, and as soon as the first person gets crushed under the snowmelt then the town will have a huge liability. So I think it’s a very poor design, needs to be thought out more carefully, and let’s go with something more in keeping with Vail. Vail, Colorado

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