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Another hospital?I was just wondering, the land by Beaver Creek, the first roundabout. If they’re not going to do nothing with it, why don’t they just build a hospital? We could use another one, and it would be perfect. …Meet the FlintstoneI was just calling to make a comment regarding the new conceptual drawings of the proposed conference center in Vail. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the drawings, and I’m not trying to pass nearly judgment, because I know these are conceptual drawings, but the first thing that came to my mind was “yabadabadoo.” If you want to publish my name, you’re more than welcome to. It’s Mark Delpiere. What it’s aboutThis is in response to all of the unhappy teachers who are threatening to leave the Eagle County School District. I’m also a veteran teacher, and the only problem I see with TAP is that it was a top-down decision. I see nothing wrong with having high expectations for teachers, parents and students, and our district will continue to see academic growth because of it. Isn’t that what our jobs are all about?What if?What if Ford Amphitheater had retractable solar energy collectors and a wind farm on the piece behind it and were used year round. A place for teens to go besides slipping in and out of the back door of buses and barns. You could even say it was your idea, kind of like whistling, skiing, or skipping. Just a thought. Have a wonderful holiday.This is great!I am in my car on Friday night and I’m listening to 104.7, 99.3, I believe it’s Ski Country, and they have the BMHS Huskies hockey game playing, and I’d just like to say I think that’s a great community service. I think it’s fabulous what they’re doing, the game sounds great and the production sounds great. I love to hear all the hockey players say their name and what position they are playing, and I just wanted to thank 104.7 Ski Country for doing this. Always a criticHey Rob Levine, maybe your dad should start playing a little more golf and skiing more and fishing more and traveling more with your mom and visiting with your sister, but I’m sick of his whining too. It’s not just one person. So get on with your life. It’s time to retire.Remember them?This is to ELF. Hi ELF. Those of you that burned down and kill people and destroy property, what the hell are you thinking here? Come on. Wake up, fly right, what the … are you thinking? You’re making no process, zero, zilch, none. All you’re doing is killing people and wildlife and that is the one thing that you profess to love. Get off it. Stop the killing. You call yourselves ecologists. I’m sorry, but you’re just the opposite.Vail, Colorado

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