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Some statementHere we go again. The Oldenberg fishing pole, the Morales monstrosity at the top of Bridge Street, the original design for Donovan Pavilion, and now a toadstool convention center. Town council after town council continue to renounce Vail’s identify in the name of making an artistic or architectural statement. When will they understand that we’re not about statements? Why would they vote for a building that is only attractive five months out of a year? Come on, guys, get a clue. Give us a building that is in keeping with our character. Show some pride in what we are. I voted for the center and for all the new town council members. But after this ghastly decision, I retract my vote.Misses bubblesI’m just calling to join the troop of whiners in the Valley that are very prevalent. I’d like to have my bubbles back. Bring my bubbles back on the gondola, please.Everyone juicedThis is to the person sending the letter about Barry Bonds and whoever took steroids. Just remember, all the pitchers are on steroids. Everybody’s using something. I mean nobody’s free of it. We just didn’t know if anybody was using stuff back in the early days. They might have been, nobody knows, nobody cared back then. Now everybody’s taking it. Why shouldn’t his record stand? Everybody’s using the stuff, why ban his record? Have a good one. Think snow.What’s good for kids… I’m taking the coward’s way out to deal with the outrageous comments published on Tuesday regarding the TAP program. Let’s face it, anyone who advocates a teachers’ strike isn’t interested in student achievement or meaningful education reform. They are interested in a superintendent witch hunt and a preservation of the comfortable status quo. They are interested in making outrageous and stupid suggestions and continuing the Tip-slime dialogue. As the parent of two children enrolled in Eagle County School District, I’m not concerned that teachers aren’t “happy” any more. I can easily live with a situation where less “happy” teachers are focused on instruction and professionalism. When I went to my children’s conferences this fall, I received test scores reflective of their performance in September that I can then match up to their scores in May. What a concept, factual information about kids’ performance being communicated to parents. And before anyone jumps down my anonymous throat, those parent/teacher conferences also included discussions of my kids’ writing and artwork and classroom behavior. I know that education cannot be distilled down to a single score on a single exam. But unlike the TAP-attackers, I have a very basic desire from my local schools. I want a productive teacher working with my kids. If the cost of that productivity is that sometimes teachers feel stressed, I’m sorry, but stress is part of professionalism. I don’t need teachers to love my kids. I can love my kids. My family members and my friends can love my kids. I need teachers to effectively teach my kids. I believe the TAP program is giving teachers the structure they need to do their jobs more effectively. … My kids have had remarkable teachers in local schools. They have also had unremarkable teachers. I’m not willing to write off a year or two in my children’s educational careers because they didn’t get the best third-grade teacher or the best math instructor. TAP is about making teachers better – and that’s what’s good for kids. Better than unionIn response to the call for teachers to join the union against TAP: What a foolish statement! Unions have been and always will be a screen for incompetent educators to hide behind. They do nothing more than ensure that I as a teacher have a guaranteed daily lunch break and only a specified number of student contact minutes per day! How ironic that the TAP program actually is addressing the two key issues so many teacher unions across the country claim to be addressing: improving my working conditions and increasing my salary! TAP engages me in collaboration that is focused on me becoming a better teacher so that I can help my students learn. This is an improvement over not having the time to meet with colleagues to discuss what students need and how to adjust and improve our practice. For those of you that say you didn’t need TAP to collaborate, who are you kidding? I am a teacher and I know how diligent and committed one must be for the kind of collaboration TAP expects of us. I appreciate the fact that I don’t have to organize a time to meet with my colleagues. It is done for me and not only am I benefiting from this scheduled time, but my students are too. In addition, TAP has done more for my pocketbook than any teachers union I know of. Thanks, Eagle County, for expecting the best of me and then providing me with a structure, TAP, that not only supports me, but rewards me!They were patrollingThis is in response to the person who called in “Just standing there,” I was that person standing by three police officers. … They were patrolling the entire night. I really would like to know who this person is who is not putting her or his name in the paper because I suspect (this is) a person who has broken the law so many times that they obviously have a problem with the Eagle Police Department. So I dare you to identify yourself because I bet you there is a warrant out there for your arrest. …Vail, Colorado

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