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328-TIPSCompiled by Daily staffGave his lifeI hope everybody in Eagle County realizes that Cpl. Ellsworth, 20 years old, gave his life for his country, and to keep all you bleeding hearts bleeding and whining. So when you see a veteran, no matter what war they were in, you should thank them for keeping you free, so you can keep on whining.Finding rocksBeaver Creek could do a much better job of marking rocks on runs that get a fair amount of use. There is no excuse. I’m tired of trashing my skis just so skier services can stand around and go free skiing instead of doing their job. If it doesn’t get better, I’ll document and publish the most obvious locations and publish them in the middle of the Christmas vacation and let the locals and guests decide.Bus schedulingYou just have to love Vail this time of year, the greatest skiing. Hey, they have bus schedules for buses they’ll never send. You know this place is incredible. Vail doesn’t discriminate. They exploit everyone equally. Think snow. Peace and love.Nice ideaThis is Ely Desouza from Vail and I was just out last night and for the first time I noticed that the Vail Police Department and town of Vail had a free alcohol breath test in town, and it was a great idea. I’d like to thank the police department and town of Vail. Not only educate people, but keep the streets safe and it was awesome. Thank you.Who done it?Hopefully the people in Eagle County can find these two people that mugged the poor guy in Avon and took his dollar hat and ID the vehicle. I can’t understand why this goes on in Eagle County, but I guess it goes on in every big city in the U.S., so I guess Eagle County is part of it. The description is pretty amazing, there must be 2,000 people that fit that description in Avon, so good luck, Avon PD.Poorly treated When we are cuddled up nice an warm next to the fireplace, let’s not overlook the poor dogs at the Eagle Animal Shelter who are lying on cold concrete floors. As a volunteer I have witnessed the shelter accept donations of beds, and blankets, However the dogs are not given them to use. According to the staff, “The dogs are stressed out and will ingest them.” Here’s a thought: Maybe if the dogs had a bed, a blanket and maybe even a toy they may not be so stressed out. How would you like to be behind a cage stepping in your own feces, never having your water refilled, nobody to love them? You’d be pretty stressed out, too. The Girl Scouts raise money every year to buy blankets for the dogs, and truth be told, they are shoved into the corner of a shed. Rescue organizations have repeatedly tried to help the dogs, and yet the staff refuses to accept the help, claiming they can find them homes themselves. Of course, no skin off their back. They get to go home in a warm, cageless environment. The Vail Valley is unaware of the way the dogs are treated at this facility. Please go spend some time there. It’s not what you think. Please help these dogs in need of a loving home.Vail, Colorado

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