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They do greatThis is in response to the two separate complaints in Tipsline regarding the Vail Daily’s coverage of the BMHS hockey team. I think Chris Freud, Shauna Farnell and Nate Peterson do a fantastic job covering all the sports in the valley, from Vail Mountain School, Vail Christian High School, Eagle Valley High School and Battle Mountain High School. I believe they give all sports equal coverage. Look at the great job they did with the soccer, football and volleyball teams this fall. The walls at the high school are plastered with articles of all the sports for all the students to enjoy. We live in such a small valley where everyone knows one another. Why can’t we all cheer for one another? If you looked around the high schools this fall, you would have seen athletes and parents from all sports cheering on whoever was playing. School spirit has never been better at BMHS, with everyone supporting everyone else. Let’s stop the whining and petty jealousy about what your team did not get in the paper, and start supporting all our student athletes, from East Vail to Gypsum. These are truly amazing student athletes, win or lose, and as a parent, I thank the Vail Daily for their support and awesome coverage. Thank you.Huh?It’s the town credo: “Vail – we don’t discriminate, we exploit everyone equally.”Quality workI think everybody should leave young Christopher Freud alone. He has a job to do, and he does a great job at what he does, just like Don Rogers and the rest of the Vail Daily staff. They’re definitely one of the best newspapers on this Earth; there is no doubt in my mind. They do a terrific job.The blessingsNow that the holidays are upon us, I think everybody should slow down and reflect on everything God has given us, and just look around and where we live and where we vacation and look up to the heavens and say, “Thank you, dear Lord, and make it one more day I can breathe, at least.”Sage paradiseEvery time I pass that new parking lot outside of Avon for Beaver Creek it reminds me of a Joni Mitchell song. You paved paradise to put up a parking lot. Fix lights, pleaseThere’s an eerie glow in Edwards at the interstate off ramp. Aliens? Nah. CDOT. Fix the lights, please. It’s been a couple weeks.Look for the goodI experienced the most gracious thing tonight and I just want to call people around Christmas time and say God bless everyone, and good night. There’s so much goodness out there. Let’s look for it rather than deny it.Baring feelingsI think that the logo for A&E briefs as a pair of underwear is almost as tacky as you guys selling pictures of a bear raiding a bird feeder. This is Robin Lundgard.Vail, Colorado

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