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Selective damage This bit of information just in. It cost a mechanic $300 to fix the power locks on my wife’s station wagon. Mag chloride disintegrated them. My buddy’s car couldn’t even start. He spent 15 hours trying to get the problem. Mag chloride was the problem. Keep it up mag chloride and morons.Unholy displayHas anyone seen the Christmas display at the end of Second Street up by Vicksburg and across from the Baptist church in Gypsum? I wonder how many other parents can’t drive that way with small children for them asking questions as to what the deer are doing. I’m sure this person thinks it’s a free country, but it’s not the way I want the town of Gypsum, or Christmas represented. All this shows is ignorance and total disrespect. The parents of this person must feel they failed. Get the hat thiefHopefully all the people in our county plus all the various law enforcement agencies are looking for a red Suzuki-type sport utility vehicle, so they can catch those muggers that mugged a guy for a dollar hat. This type of activity does not belong anywhere, especially in Eagle County. So let’s get ’em and turn ’em in.Maybe he’s rightJust calling to say how ironic I think it is that for years Michael Cacioppo was trying to get us to open our eyes to how corrupt and messed up our schools are in the valley, and everybody thought he was just nuts, and now all I read in the newspaper the last week or so is just total nonsense coming out of these schools. I’m thinking, gosh, maybe he was right.Already have thatI’m calling in regards to last Friday’s article about Eagle county allocating $31,000 to the Sheriff’s Office to purchase an armored vehicle. This is an extravagant waste of taxpayers’ money. The Sheriff’s Office already possesses a surplus personnel carrier from the military that the county extensively reconditioned at their expense, and this personnel carrier sits in front of the jail doing nothing, visible from I-70. What will be next in their budget request, a parking structure to store all these toys in out of sight from all the hard-working taxpayers in Eagle County? Seeking donationsThis is the Battle Mountain wrestling team and we just want everyone to know that we are looking for sponsorships or donations of $25 or up for upcoming tournaments so we can afford to stay rather than drive back six or seven hours. to make a donation, you can call 390-9132, or mail it to Battle Mountain High School. Thank you.Vail, Colorado

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