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Too muchI was extremely saddened to see the article “Interstate 70 traffic predicted to double by 2025.” Wow. How sad. I guess all those bumper stickers years ago, “Don’t Californicate Colorado,” they didn’t work. At any rate, I feel sorry for Eagle County, I feel sorry for the earth. We are over-populating and over-polluting and nobody has any respect for anything. …So complicatedI’ve used the value card parking system for the last few years, and every year it seems to get more complicated and less convenient. Recently, I found out that the new policy is to pay and display, so when you find your spot you get your number of your spot and go to the card machine, spend two, three, five minutes logging all your information in and paying for your parking space. Then you get a receipt. Now you have to go back to your car and display your receipt in the windshield. I found out the reason for this is people weren’t writing down the correct space. Well, I don’t think this new pay and display system solves that problem, because if they’re going to get the wrong space, they’re going to display the wrong number on their dashboard. But they feel that this is going to alleviate the problems, although when I spoke with Mike Rose he said that just the one day they had seven people who had failed to display their receipt and ended up getting a parking ticket and then had to go to the town of Vail to get that corrected. So it seems that no matter what system they use, they have problems with it, and I feel that the pay and display system is very inconvenient for the user and isn’t solving any problems. Let’s see if we can get that corrected in the future. Only my schoolI just wanted to comment on the Tipsline call “Has to be TAPS fault.” I just wanted to say I have a concern about your comment about the teachers in the public school system being hard-working, dedicated, committed and highly qualified. My kids now attend Red Canyon and I believe that’s the only school in this district that has qualified, hard-working, dedicated and committed teachers. I feel that the teachers and staff in the regular realm of the school district have an attitude towards kids who don’t comply to the structure or the idea of what they consider a student to be, which would be a jock, a high-end academic student, and someone who really doesn’t have issues. If you have any problems, any learning problems, if you don’t enter the sports atmosphere, then you do not get treated or get the dedicated, hard-working, committed teachers. They don’t tend to be that way towards the kids who don’t have the drive to be jocks like the other kids do. I just wanted to say I believe there are hard-working teachers out there and they’re at Red Canyon High School. If everybody has the attitude that all kids are special and not just the kids that are in athletics, we’d be graduating all kinds of good students, not just jocks. Awesome jobI’ve been here since the 70’s and this has definitely been the best year Vail has done an incredible job with the snowmaking and grooming. That mountain is manicured awesome.Burned one you hadI find it very strange that Eagle County would want to build another red barn when they just burned down a perfectly good red barn, not a month ago. Sure have money to burn.True spiritFor all of those of you that are tired of hearing all the whining and complaining in the Vail Valley, I’ve got a real positive message for everybody. The Christmas spirit is alive and well in Edwards. … When it appeared that we wouldn’t be able to afford a Christmas tree because of financial issues, a friend got us one as a Christmas present, but it died very shortly after receiving it. It was taken back to where we got it and Marty, Sandy and Stacey were just incredible in regards to not asking any questions or any kind of issues whatsoever and not only replaced the Christmas tree with a brand new one, but they made sure that it was in the stand correctly and everything was good to go because I have a spinal injury and I’m unable to do so. … A huge thank you to Marty Jones, Sandy and Stacy at Colorado Alpine Inc., the Wildflower Farm in Edwards, If you guys out there are in need of some Christmas spirit or need anything for the holidays, be sure to see them, because they sure do know the meaning of Christmas. …Here they comeAccording to the most recent AARP magazine, Vail is No. 9 in the list of metropolitan areas with counties projected to have the highest percentage growth among 50- to 64-year-olds in the next decade. That age group is expected to increase here by 72 percent! Maybe we should stop focusing on “affordable” stacked housing and begin thinking about meeting this rapidly expanding population group.Wider highwayHow about on Highway 6 between Eagle and Gypsum you expand it to four lanes, two in each direction, since most of the people I get stuck behind don’t realize that this is a highway, and the speed limit is 55.Vail, Colorado

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