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It is ChristmasMerry Christmas and happy Hanukkah – forget “Happy Holidays” – Tis the season with a reason. And if one does not believe in the reason for the season, then go to school, go to work, do whatever, but do NOT CELEBRATE.Still a bargainMy name is Della Williamson and I’m calling in regarding the person that called in the “Charging kids.” I am a bus driver and we do charge our local school children only $1 to ride the bus. Fuel is a big problem right now with all the fuel prices going up for everyone. I do have two children that I buy passes for. It would be a wise advantage for this person to consider a pass for their child. We do great things with the kids as far as riding the bus. I do not believe that we are committing highway robbery. We do try to help anyone and everyone as far as getting from one end of the valley to the other end of the valley. The person who wrote this might want to try riding the bus also, and the pass would be the absolute wonderful way to go for the kids, and again they’re only charged $1 to ride our bus.Brown exaggeratesMy name is Gary Zentz. You can use my name. I live in Eagle. I wanted to comment on this “Requiem for the West” article that Roger Brown wrote. In the beginning of he article he states that some of the most sophisticated military clothing, etc., etc., pistols which I believe are not sold unless they are pellet pistols, although I could be wrong on that, and everything but automatic weapons and armor-piercing bullets which can be found elsewhere, which is a myth. Automatic weapons are outlawed and have been for many, many, many years, and so are armor-piercing bullets. This is just another example of a writer, and I like Roger Brown, in fact I have one of his books, not being completely honest or not doing their research. This is a 2nd Amendment issue I feel very strongly about, that people read this and believe that it’s fact and it’s just not the case. You cannot get automatic weapons, you cannot get armor-piercing bullets. Then he states later in the article that the elk and other big game has not been able to improve their skills to match the new technology. It’s only a matter of time before increasing numbers of hunters with increasingly sophisticated equipment get into the last hidden spots and either wipe the game out or force the government to close areas to hunting. The game is regulated by the Division of Wildlife, which is a state-run agency and that agency would never allow that to happen. Hunting seasons are set in accordance with studies based on the findings of wildlife biologists, many of who are Ph.Ds. Again, this is just an over-exaggeration and it would be nice if he did some research on these articles before printing them. Elk elsewhereRoger Brown could learn a lot from the two ex-mayors in Eagle who have come together to close your so-called open space for five months, for the sake of an elk herd which as of Dec. 14 has been residing between Highway 82 and the airport in Glenwood Springs. Guess we need to close 82 also.Vail, Colorado

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