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Already happenedOn-line poll: How long before the Vail Valley is totally developed? That was 15 years ago. Merry Christmas. Pray for more snow.Mad at cable I’m calling in regards to Comcast Cable. You know it’s pretty pathetic that’s our only choice up here besides getting a satellite. Prices keep going up, service is going down. I moved into my new house in August. I was told that the cable would be fixed because of all the fuzzy channels. It is now almost the end of December, I’m still getting fuzzy channels, pictures are going out all the time, and now they completely screwed up the channels and the program without any notice in the mail. I pretty much think this is …, because they’re getting away with it, walking all over the locals, and it is not fair to us to pay more money and get … service. Face the trafficI just read the letter from Mr. Gorman regarding walking in the evening. I live in Eagle-Vail and may I add something. When walking your dog after dark, walk facing the traffic with the dog on the inside. I can see you, but sometimes I cannot see your dog. Please do not put them in jeopardy by putting them in the lane of traffic. Not justiceIt’s a sad day in our justice system when the lady’s pit bull who killed another lady in Denver only got six years. Wow. So that means she serves three years for taking a life. That’s pretty sad. It’s a real shame. I think we need more agents in this country to make our country a safer place to live.Merry go roundAbout 50 percent of local drivers are in the wrong lane on roundabouts. I think all the roundabout rules could be summed up as follows. 1. As you enter, yield to traffic on your left. 2. Traffic in the right lane must turn right at the next exit. No exit from any other lane.Parking headacheI’m just calling to be outspoken about the parking situation already on Dec. 16. It’s only noon and trying to get a spot upstairs as a local and Vail employee is impossible. There’s so much abuse going on, there’s huge work trucks that take up two spaces, or other cars that take two spaces. I counted five today of double parked cars with no tickets on them or anything, and I just think in order for just ski season to be profitable and get your employees on time to work, then something should be done. It should be employee parking only, not working on the Vail Mountain Haus parking or Mountain lodge or whatever is being built right now. It’s just ridiculous. Inflation troublesI see that the inflatable Sponge Bob disappeared from Burger King in Avon. At first I thought it might have been a theft. However, then I learned that the town of Avon made them take it down. In a town that basically looks like the ground opened up and vomited, we have problems with the Sponge Bob on top of a fast food restaurant? What happens if we put inflatable Santa Claus’s up anywhere in town? … Oh my God, I just called a moment ago about the Sponge Bob. I drove by the Avon Rec Center and there was an inflatable snowman out front. Quick, send somebody over here right away to puncture it and have it hauled away.Pack a scooperThis is just a response to the Avon Lake problem. The Nottingham Lake area should be shared and cared for. Yeah, pick up poop, if you’re walking your dog have them on a leash, but you can’t get them to chase a ball or a disc while attached to a leash. Some dogs actually like to run. Or if the town of Avon doesn’t like this, designate a dog park area, a leash free zone. Vail was considerate enough to do it, I think it’s time that Avon caught up. I think it’s funny to me, how you can always tell the folks who don’t have dogs. By the way, if you ask someone nicely to do something as opposed to playing park police and telling them, you might see better results.We voted on thisIt would be nice if the Vail Daily would look into the fact that the voters of Eagle County voted not to spend $2 million on a 4-H barn a few years back. I find it interesting that the voters say no and all of a sudden the commissioners say yes. Look at that, please.Editor’s note: In 1989, Eagle County voters turned down a ballot proposal to issue bonds to build an event center at the fairgrounds.’RithmaticLast winter at Brush Creek Elementary Mr. John Brendza spoke at a public meeting designed to educate the public about the TAP program. An audience member asked him, “How much does the TAP program cost to implement per student?” Mr. Brendza’s reply was approximately $400 per student. The audience member then asked how many students were in the district. Mr. Brendza replied approximately 5,000. Last time I checked, 5,000 times $400 is $2 million. I wish the school district would submit an article to the Vail Daily explaining the financial complications of TAP. Not speaking for meVery interesting to see Mr. Haslee making his comments in the newspaper about the town of Minturn. He’s one council member whose opinion is not that opinion of our town. He won’t be there very much longer. I wish he would quit making comments like that.Police hold-upI’m a resident here of 24 years and last night I experienced the most hideous, disrespectful treatment I have ever received from law enforcement in my life. On the way home from Bob’s Place, after four or five beers, doing the responsible thing I decided to walk home. As I’m passing the Burger King, a cop lights me up, asks me to put my hands on top of my head, then he says someone here was trying to break into the Starbucks across the street. Well, if I was trying to break into Starbucks, I wouldn’t just be walking casually by. I’m 24 years old. I’m a responsible young man, having a few beers at Bob’s Place, and they had nothing better to do but then come and harass me because I had my hood pulled up over my hat and I looked suspicious to them, and they had nothing better to do. A little tip for you, Avon police: Maybe you should find some real criminals in the town instead of just harassing me, getting my information takes you 30 minutes to run my name. Then, by the way, I have to wait for him to get a background check on me. Good job, Avon cops, good job.Doesn’t help citizensI’m calling on the big article this Darlene Montana is advertising for help to the immigrants. My question to her is why is she helping all these illegal immigrants get their checks when people don’t want to pay them when in reality these illegals, they have laws. My question is why is she all into that since there are a lot of people here in the state that need help and she is not saying she is helping the people here in the U.S., she’s helping the illegal immigrants. All these illegal immigrants are taking advantage of the system. Why do we need to help them when we have people in the U.S. in need and we don’t help them?Safety issueI love your paper. We all drive the interstate and we see guard rails everywhere, so the fact that there’s no guard rail between Frontage Road and I-70 is sort of ridiculous. Obviously, one of these days during slippery conditions some trailer truck is going to skid off I-70 and kill 10, 12, 20 people on Frontage Road. Before we do a billion dollar renovation in Vail, why don’t you suggest in the paper they put in a guard rail. It seems to me it’s bizarre in this populated area there’s no guard rail.Double the fineI have an idea. If the Town of Vail parking tickets every person that’s incapable of parking between their one spot and they take two double lines. Ticket them $100, we’d have all this money, and build ourselves another structure. Perfect. Great plan. Or there will be so many extra spots, we won’t need one. We win either way. So tired of itI’ve seen one too many Ciallis commercials in my life, and I would bet there are a whole lot of people out there that feel like me. This is maddening, disgusting, yeah we get it. We get it! Come on. Please alleviate that from my life. We get it. Get rid of those commercials, My God. I mean they run every two minutes. Vail, Colorado

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