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Hey, I’m just stuck in the traffic jam on Tuesday where the cattle were on the Interstate, and I just want to say, thumbs up to the cowboys, doing a darn fine job. It’s a sad situation, but nice to see things like this happen in the western United States and everybody lends a hand to help out.

Driven mad

My daily commute from Gypsum to Avon is involved in a struggle for survival. Upon entering I-70 at mile marker 140 there’s typically not much traffic. Sometimes I’m the only vehicle on the road. At Eagle, the on-ramp, they come fast and furious. Have you ever seen people passing on an entrance ramp? I have. You can kiss 70-75 mph goodbye. At Wolcott, there’s not much activity other than people exiting. The entrance ramp to I-70 is the worst in my commute. I’ve seen them come to the interstate two abreast, pull in the left lane without even a thought or care in their fool heads to see if there is any traffic. I believe this is where the autobahn begins, or perhaps this is a performance test road for your SUV to see how fast it is from 0-95. Good roads, bad roads, it doesn’t make a difference. Since I’m complaining, when has it become cool to drive with your high beams on? It is so rude. Last but not least, where is our law enforcement in all this? I recall when the speed limit was increased to 75 mph there would be no tolerance for speeding. Yeah, right. Either they are insufficiently staffed or perhaps have just gave up on trying to curb this. Either way, there are none to be had at 6 a.m.

Minturn kudos

I’m calling in response to an inaccurate tip I saw in the newspaper today regarding the town of Minturn. I’m a business owner and a resident here in Minturn and I’m actually very proud of the steps the town council and the mayor have taken to make some positive change in Minturn, generate some positive cash flow so that we can build some new streets and put in new street lights and so forth which we have no money to do now. Additionally, the town staff had no Christmas party this year because they chose to put that money toward paying town staff their Christmas bonus, etc. The new fire station is being built and it looks fantastic. The garage doors are hung and in another couple of weeks we’ll be able to put fire trucks in there. The RV resort I believe to be a great project with no dishonesty and no lying coming from town officials and I’ve actually participated in more of those meetings than some of the people that are naysayers and accusing our town officials of lying and so forth. In addition the river restoration project is a great project. That project is being done with a grant, as the fire station is being done with a grant. So kudos, to the town of Minturn and their government staff as well as employees and elected officials on trying to make a positive change in the town of Minturn to keep us from going backside over tea kettle in the next few years and try to get tourism up, etc.

Fire them all

My issue is involving the Minturn RV park that Minturn doesn’t need at all. For one, we couldn’t even afford to keep our fire station much less anything else. What we need to get rid of is a town manager who makes way too much money, probably $60,000-plus a year. The town has its own treasurer, who probably makes almost close to $50,000 a year, don’t need that, and a full-time planner? That’s a joke. Let’s get rid of him, $40,000-plus a year. Let’s get involved and talk about our police chief who is never even seen patrolling or working. Let’s get rid of him, that would save the town another 40 grand, and the only person that does work in this town is Erin, she’s the only police person that we see working. And how about our unskilled or unqualified public works director who doesn’t do anything either? Let’s get rid of him; we can save another $40,000. This is unreal. Town of Minturn doesn’t have a clue and the town citizens again pissed off because everybody is overpaid and not worked enough.

Drop in bucket

Referencing your interviews with state representative Miller and Taylor regarding our water problems, pointing out the Front Range aquifer resource: That is a great idea and really needs to be considered seriously. For the Front Range users and abusers, multiple reservoirs on the Western Slope for communities on the Western Slope is a reasonable idea, but this Big Straw idea is just too weird and expensive for our state to think about. How about someone taking the lead on water conservation? Just don’t hear any proposals for us mountain folks to get excited about. No one wants to ungreen their precious golf courses or shorten their therapeutic showers, or wash their cars with one bucket of water. What can we folks do before it is too dry?

Roundabout hell

We’re a family of four that have lived in the valley about 16 years in Eagle. We avoid Avon like the plague, the roundabout plague. The only reason that we go to Avon is to get services like our physicians that we can’t get downvalley. Otherwise Avon is never a consideration for us to go to do anything. It’s always the other end of the valley or in Glenwood Springs where there are roundabouts not.

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