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Parking crunchMy tip is if you’re going to park in the Vail parking structure, I would take license plate numbers from cars on either side of you, because I was parked in the structure on Wednesday, three-hour parking. Some … , Merry Christmas to me, backs out, side swipes my mini Cooper with Marko’s written on the side of it, so he should know who he needs to come and talk to and get his insurance taken care of. But maybe he doesn’t have any insurance. So Merry Christmas to me, and be careful in that structure. It’s dangerous in there.A good shelterI have to agree with the caller that it’s horrible that animals are caged at the Eagle County Animal Shelter, but I have to say that I have gotten two dogs there and a couple of cats, and I think Char and the group there do an awesome job. It’s a no-kill shelter, people. They’re doing what they can for these animals and they run on a lot of donations. I saw in the paper the names of people who had given in the last year. It barely filled a page and it was shocking to me that more people were not opening their wallets to help these animals out. Most of these animals are victims of stupid people who move here, think they need to get a dog, and then find out they can’t have one in their apartment or whatever. I think the criticism of the animal shelter should be noted, but I don’t think that it’s a horrible place and I don’t think the dogs are mistreated and I urge everyone to go down and walk dogs, and comb cats and love on the animals and send donations, because these people are doing an awesome job and they should not be chided for what they do, they should be applauded.A hero tooMy name is Marlene Luczkow and I have a few words for all the self-righteous name-callers in this valley. My father, Anton Stitch, served our country for 20 years in the Navy. He fought in WW II and was at Pearl Harbor. He was a Democrat and a liberal, and that’s how we were raised. He believed in protecting our country and doing the right thing. He also believed not all wars are good or necessary, and for all you cowardly people who put down others who don’t believe in the same things as you, you should probably go live in a dictatorship where that philosophy is apparently what you profess. If you think our government officials are so righteous and upstanding, go read some history on how we treated the Indians, then let me know how you feel.I agreeI’m calling in regards to Mr. Lucero’s letter about greed with sledding on Meadow Mountain. I agree with Mr. Lucero, the whole Eagle County is greed, greed, greed. People should be ashamed of themselves. These kids that are growing up and want to go sledding there are our future, and we are charging them to sled on a free mountain? Greed, greed, greed, exactly these words are truly the truth. I cannot believe that Eagle County has so many people living here that are greedy, ungrateful and selfish. Shame on you all.Driver expects tipsA tip for Tipsline about tips. A lot of people depend on tips to supplement their meager, regular wages. Wait people, bell people, service people, and many more. Waiters usually get 15-20 percent more than the cost of a meal, but they don’t hold their lives in your hands. I work for a transportation company that picks you up at Denver International Airport, brings you all the way to Vail, 130 miles, or Beaver Creek, or maybe Aspen, 230 miles. Your driver holds your life in their hands for two or more hours. As you know, driving can and is very dangerous, but we have many drivers with many years of accident-free records. This fact should put you at ease even when we have to drive in a terrible blizzard, foggy or rainy conditions, but you stiff us anyway. Sometimes a driver never even gets a dime. The average seems to be only $2 or $3 per person. That’s less than 5 percent of the fare. Isn’t your life worth more than that? Even $5 per person is less than 10 percent. How cheap can you get for us getting you safely to your destination? The few and far in between good tips are really appreciated. Signed, a disgusted driver.The big crimesPretty amazing how no rapes, no murders ever get solved in Eagle County. But boy when it comes to jalapeno peppers, it looks like they’re all over it. Way to go. How sad. I really feel bad for the lady that got in trouble. Are you really serious? Wow.Need better rulesThis is in reference to that collision of death. When a tragedy like this happens in the ski world it would seem to me that the safety rules that are in place are inadequate. This could happen anywhere, on any mountain in a terrain change. We are told time and again not to place ourselves below a lip on a slope. This should apply especially to snowmobile traffic. Sound does not carry, and a visual trial will show you how little effect a 6-foot banner has to anyone above a lip. It cannot be seen. My question is what new safety thoughts can be instituted now so this will never, never happen again?Ruined itI was just wondering if anybody there at the paper or anybody who reads the Tipsline knows who the idiot was that sued the Forest Service over sledding at Minturn so now we have to pay $16. Family of four, $32, $64 to go sledding for an hour? I think we should find out who this person is and make his name public so everybody knows who the jerk is that ruined it for the rest of us.VR snowmobilesI think it is just terrible about the death of the young girl by the Vail Resorts’ employee. The really sad part is that it was just a matter of time before Vail Resorts had a horrible accident by these snowmobiles. It’s a joke to suggest the snowmobile was going 10 miles per hour. I’ve never seen anybody drive those snowmobiles at 10 miles per hour. Why would the snowmobiler be traveling where they can’t be seen from above? Why was that allowed? Furthermore, I have been nearly hit by these snowmobilers traveling at a high rate of speed. When I spoke with a ski patrol supervisor about it, he acted like I was trying to take away their toy. VR employees act like it’s their right to drive these snowmobiles at excessive speed, and you should be on guard. VR should: 1. put a governor on these snowmobiles. 2. Really take action when a guest complains about somebody driving excessively, not just suspend their privileges for one week like was done when I complained about somebody who nearly killed me. 3: Get rid of these snowmobilers except for after everyone is off the hill. I sure hope that VR takes the opportunity at this point to take serious action so this horrible, horrible accident doesn’t happen again.Right of wayI’m calling regarding the Edwards crosswalk. You know the stoplight we have on Highway 6 on Edwards at the entrance to Homestead. I just want to say to all you SUVs, when I’m at the crosswalk and I’m trying to get across, it’s not only dangerous, but I had to literally step out in front of one and put my hand out to stop the doggone car, because you guys saw my dogs and I Monday afternoon in the noon hour on Dec. 20 trying to cross the street. But you were in way too much of a hurry, weren’t you? You were on the way to the holiday party or getting your Christmas gifts or on the cell phone with Grandpa. I don’t give a … what you were doing. You know what? I have the right of way. You would never know it, and I have to look, I’ve been hit almost so many times there, and I keep trusting I can walk across the street with my dogs. Thank you for taking the time to stop. It’s called courtesy. It’s called the law. Wake up. I know we live in the Vail Valley and we don’t have many stop lights, but I can’t believe the discourtesy of you all, in this holiday time especially.Boy you missed itI’d like to make a quick comment about last night’s Eagle Valley High School band and choir concert. Anybody that missed that missed a real good performance. What made it special is the fact that the music was mostly traditional music, instead of all the politically correct stuff you hear at all the schools these days. At least there’s one music director and at least one school that’s not afraid to stand up to the politically correct liberal crowd and put on a Christmas concert with actual traditional Christmas music. My hats off to Mr. Pat Sheehy. Thank you.Heck of a raiseAt a time of perceived physical crisis, the Vail Recreation Board has approved raising the annual pay for the director of the VRD to over $120,000 a year. This complete lack of vision, leadership, and transparency by the VRD board in this matter and in conjunction with the two ill-conceived propositions that were voted down in November shows that the VRD board has a complete lack of grasping what is important in the Vail community. When the VRD board deems that it’s more of a necessity to inflate the director’s salary rather than take care of the most pressing issues of sports program development, golf maintenance and Dobson upkeep, it is very obvious who loses in this scenario, the people of Vail.Shut them off!It’s Thursday, Dec. 23, and I’m reading on the cover of your paper, “Water wars are still boiling.” I’ve got a few quick solutions that I don’t think would hurt anybody. Quit letting Vail Resorts expand so much so we have to blow so much snow and all these communities we’re developing with little ski runs going into each and every one of them, and also CDOT wouldn’t spray 10 million gallons of mag chloride between Wolcott and Vail we wouldn’t have to wash our cars every day like they recommend they do. So there’s two quick ways, and a third is we probably don’t need any more golf courses in the area since I think we have one or two public ones between here and Glenwood Springs. That’s about it for me. Merry Christmas.Vail, Colorado

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