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Shut them off!It’s Thursday, Dec. 23, and I’m reading on the cover of your paper, “Water wars are still boiling.” I’ve got a few quick solutions that I don’t think would hurt anybody. Quit letting Vail Resorts expand so much so we have to blow so much snow and all these communities we’re developing with little ski runs going into each and every one of them, and also CDOT wouldn’t spray 10 million gallons of mag chloride between Wolcott and Vail we wouldn’t have to wash our cars every day like they recommend they do. So there’s two quick ways, and a third is we probably don’t need any more golf courses in the area since I think we have one or two public ones between here and Glenwood Springs. That’s about it for me. Merry Christmas.Heck of a raiseAt a time of perceived physical crisis, the Vail Recreation Board has approved raising the annual pay for the director of the VRD to over $120,000 a year. This complete lack of vision, leadership, and transparency by the VRD board in this matter and in conjunction with the two ill-conceived propositions that were voted down in November shows that the VRD board has a complete lack of grasping what is important in the Vail community. When the VRD board deems that it’s more of a necessity to inflate the director’s salary rather than take care of the most pressing issues of sports program development, golf maintenance and Dobson upkeep, it is very obvious who loses in this scenario, the people of Vail.Poor serviceThis is Rick Cuny. My comment is about the Eagle County Regional Airport and it’s total lack of customer service. It really is a joke when you think this is where our customers come in and arrive and Vail Resorts puts this big emphasis on customer service and I do with my business, put a big emphasis on customer service, and then you go out there to pick up a family member and see what’s going on out there. They had three airplanes on the ground on Tuesday night the 22nd and only three people to unload all the baggage for three airplanes. They make no announcements, they don’t tell the over 100 people standing in baggage claim what’s going on, so people don’t understand why it’s been 45 minutes and no bags have come out. Then, just try and call the airport, try and call that airport to talk to someone to make sure that they’ve located the bags and that they have them somewhere where you can pick them up. It’s a total joke. You cannot reach a human being at the Eagle County Regional Airport involved in customer service or any other kind of service. It is the worst, and I called CME to ask them if they had any other phone numbers and they laughed and said the customer service at the airport was the worst they’d every seen, and that’s from the local people that transport everybody back and forth. What a joke it is that people arrive at our beautiful valley and this is their first experience. Thanks.Parking more importantKay Ferry’s commentary on Dec. 22 about the viability of our proposed convention center was incredibly thought provoking. Why would our community want to invest money on a convention center that may or may not be used to full capacity and economically beneficial for our entire community? Why not at the same time incorporate a solution to our parking issue? Within the confines of a smaller convention center that would accommodate smaller groups as well as larger groups while using the precious square footage to allow for more parking spaces which continues to be a major issue for our bigger skier days. Sign me a frustrated local parker, Rondi Berge. Gotta be the mag, yepHere’s another kudos to mag chloride and the geniuses behind the innovation of this product. My emergency brake went out last year and I’m sure that it’s going to go out again this year. Oh, pleaseI’m calling in response to Thursday’s Tipsline about mag chloride and some guy’s disintegrated door lock. Try washing your car every now and then. Also be grateful salt isn’t being used on our roads because your doors would be rusted out. Mag chloride helps keep our roads safer. Merry Christmas.Great letterWhat a great letter James Lucero wrote in about our nice little sledding hill at Dowd Junction. As far as I know, the United States people own Forest Service land. How they took that away to try and save us from ourselves I’ll never know. What a great job, James. Hey believe it or not, there is no RV park in Minturn and we’re still going strong. Thank God. Oh, and Gilman’s getting developed. That’s great. Keep up the good work, James. We need citizens like you in town keeping Minturn a better place to live.Can’t tell if trueA while back someone called Tipsline to report that one of the local schools had sent home a letter asking about gun ownership in students’ homes. I did a letter asking for details. I finally got a reply, saying that this happened at Red Hill Elementary in Gypsum. I can’t tell whether this is true or not, given the lack of verifiable details. I ask the Tipsline caller to advise which grade and/or teacher was involved. When did this happen? Also, didn’t any of the parents keep this letter? I’d appreciate getting a copy, and can pass it on to the school authorities. Terry Quinn, EagleVail, Colorado

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