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Dangerous riding I’d like to add some of my own recent observations about the snowmobile driving by Vail Resorts’ employees. Both of these incidents took place at Beaver Creek over the past two weeks. The first situation involved a class of seven 6-year-old kids winding their way along the Intertwine Road. None of them had poles, and they were all wedging as carefully as 6-year-olds can down the road when a snowmobiler approached them coming up the road. The snowmobiler must have been going at least 15 mph and never even slowed down as he powered his way past the youngsters. Several times he was only feet from the little ones. It was terrifying to watch this employee’s blatant disregard for the potential tragedy that could be caused by human error. The second situation was told to me by my daughter. She too was skiing along a catwalk at Beaver Creek when a snowmobile came tearing around a blind corner. She recounted the snowmobile was coming so fast that the driver fishtailed in his attempt to avoid her. Now we get to add trying to avoid crazed snowmobile drivers along with the other dangers on the mountain. Go figure. Where do the Beaver Creek employees need to go in such a hurry? Why can’t they use chairlifts to get where they want or need to go? If they need snowmobiles at certain locations on the mountain, then why don’t they move them at the end of the day and early in the morning and use them only in the event of absolute need. I think that Vail Resorts should train their operators more thoroughly. …Thanks a lotTo whoever walked off with my black puffy Wolcomb jacket from the grand reopening of the bar across from Pazzo’s on Thursday night (before Christmas), hey thanks for taking the Christmas present from my mom. But the thing that really gets me mad is my cell phone with all my business numbers and my car keys, you took that, too. In the spirit of the holidays, I could care about the jacket, but if you could return the keys and the phone to the bar, that would be nice. Thanks a lot, man. Merry Christmas to you, too.Proud of sonThis is in response to the unholy display at the end of Second Street in Gypsum. My question is, what do you tell your kids when they see drugs, shooting and sex on TV, or are they being raised blindfolded? As far as thinking we failed as parents, he has his own job, his own home, he has a great job, he doesn’t do drugs. I am proud to call him my son. Dad.No guardrailIt’s a tip that may save lives, but actually it seems to be more of a complaint. I just got here in Vail, and there doesn’t seem to be a guardrail protecting the people that are on the side road off I-70, and of course especially during snowy conditions, that could be very dangerous. I’m just wondering who is responsible for that and maybe Tipsline can alert them to this fact and maybe we might save a life in the future.WowI’d like to say what a great front page picture, as Rob Boch presses a rail at the juke park on Golden Peak in Vail, Thursday. Dec. 23. Nice. I didn’t know snowboarders could actually do that. Incredible.Pet peeveI was recently at a store and a young lady really made me feel ill with her constant chewing of gum. …Vail, Colorado

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