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Couple of gripesI think the new employee housing looks like Alcatraz. If you get a picture of Alcatraz Island and compare it to that, that’s what they should call it, Alcatraz. Also, on Meadow Mountain charging $16 an hour: There’s a sign Forest Service put there last summer, “please don’t use this trail because it needs to be revegetated.” It’s hilarious, because right above it is where they bulldozed all the snow and stuff to make the little run for their innertubers, and also, anyone can hike up that while they’re open and ski or sled down it just like Vail Mountain, as long as you’re not using their equipment, because it’s Forest Service property, so there’s nothing they can do about that.Always satelliteTo the gentlemen or lady who called up about having terrible Comcast Cable problems, there is an alternative, just go get yourself Direct TV. It’s a helluva lot better and you don’t have nearly any of those problems.Gift ideaThis is the day after Christmas and I want to offer something to all the Eagle Valley listeners out there. One thing that would be very very special to our troops overseas, and that is if you can go to Wal-Mart and just buy a special AT&T card. If you bought a $5 card and if you access that card it allows you to offer something to the troops. Everyone has their comfy, warm Christmas here in the valley and elsewhere, but if you could just go buy $5 in a card and automatically turn that on and push that button and give it to the troops, you can’t imagine what Eagle County can do for our troops overseas.Parking feeBeware all employees trying to park in Vail with their value card. Today being Dec. 28, it is $10 not $5 and it will be that through the week. Because, and this should be against the law, jacking up prices for the holiday. Bad enough that gas is jacked up in this town, but just because it’s Christmas week it’s $10 to park. Crazy. Christmas is over. It’s not even New Years yet. Just another reason not to work in the village.Did they do that?Concerning the Meadow Mountain tubing hill, I’m wondering if the Forest Service undertook an environmental assessment on that. It definitely has significant economic impacts on the local community and I hope someone will pursue this and possibly file a new litigation against the Forest Service for failure to file an environmental assessment on it. Tail gatersI’m a construction worker. I work in Wildridge. People are constantly complaining in Tipsline and other places about people driving over the speed limit. I drive the speed limit, but nine times out of 10 there appears to be a Wildridge resident riding my rear end, egging me on to go faster. You can’t have it both ways.Good jobI just wanted to call and say I was very pleased at the service I received at Colorado Mountain Express when I was at DIA the day after Christmas. The airport was a zoo and the lines were atrocious, but every employee at the CME counter was more than helpful. I was also impressed to see that the VP of marketing for CME was there helping customers in line and ensuring that everything ran smoothly for each passenger. In what was sure to be one of the busiest days at DIA for CME it was also great to see that Jim Pellhouse was there helping the front line employees handle the holiday crowd. That’s it.Just don’t stopI’m calling to address the person who wrote in about crossing at Highway 6 in Edwards with their dogs. I share your disgust with the drivers in this area. All of them think they’re too important to stop for stop signs. This can be noted every morning. If you drive over and park your car in the Edwards Elementary parking lot, there are two stop signs, four-way stops at both ends of the school grounds and a third at Lake Creek Road. When I walk my dog every day in the morning, I see people that run all three of these stop signs in a row, boom, boom, boom. They don’t stop even if there are kids in the crosswalk. I’ve been standing there with my dog waiting for my turn to cross and step my foot out just as they zip through the stop sign, never stopping, never looking, talking on the cell phone, whatever. We’ve called the Sheriff’s Office many times. They’ve come out and given people tickets, but it’s only once every few months and this behavior goes on every day. Without some enforcement there on a daily basis or a video camera setup, these people are going to keep doing this. None more generousI have a question for Vail Valley listeners as well as people from all over the world. First of all, my heart bleeds for these people in Thailand and the tsunamis, it’s just horrible, but the reason I’m calling is once again America is blamed. The good old USA. The people that contribute the most, and the United Nations have the gall this morning to say that we all us taxpayers are being stingy, and I beg to differ. We are the most generous country on the planet, we keep everyone in what they need, and there is no doubt in my mind there are many Americans over there. We say a prayer for everyone who was involved in that, and the dead and the living. …Vail, Colorado

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