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In passingThis is a congratulations to the Colorado Highway Patrol. Hats off, stand up and celebrate. Kudos to Colorado Highway Patrol for the new law enacted this week that will allow police officers to ticket people driving in the left hand lane. I hope that this raises millions for Colorado. I hope that the next people they go after are the people that trail the semis in the fast lane and back up traffic for miles and miles. Perhaps the fines of these people should be quadrupled, raising even more money, perhaps even bankrupting these people so they can take the bus or ride tricycles to work. Kudos and congratulations. ECO amockOn Christmas morning around 7 a.m. I was near the Avon roundabout at Beaver Creek Blvd. I witnessed an ECO Transit/Beaver Creek express bus enter the roundabout so fast that he nearly took out a car that was trying to change lanes with his turn signal on. The bus was not yet in the roundabout but entered so fast that the only recourse for the bus driver was to lay on the horn. If the bus driver would have had to slam on his brakes, the passengers would have been launched and injured. If the driver had not seen the bus, there would have been a serious accident. The vast majority of ECO drivers are safe, and safe in the roundabouts. I wonder how this driver got hired and keeps his or her job. Perhaps it’s finally time for ECO transit to put spotters on buses or shadow its drivers like virtually all other transit companies in the country do.Thanks a lotThis is to the rude Leadville bus driver Dec. 29 at 4:20 who refused to let my son on who had run from Gold Peak with two pair of 30 pound skis. He was at your door in pouring rain. You saw him and chose to drive away. I’ve lived in Happy Valley for 24 years. I thought we had better people than you helping our locals get to and from school and work. Great job, Vail.Forgot us?This is in response to Kim Burner’s letter. Kim, sweetheart, is it your computer or your head that so mysteriously excludes Jewish people from your statistics. Or is it that you just don’t understand the difference between Judeo Christian or Christian. I’ve got news for you. Judeo Christians don’t believe Christ is our Lord.Straight upThis is Spencer from Eagle. I just wanted to say you know you’re a redneck when you don’t find yourself upside down in the median. Proud of itThis is Marlene the Liberal, and I’d like to make a quick comment to the Tipsline person who alluded that the liberal crowd doesn’t like traditional Christmas music. Well I love traditional Christmas music, my family does, my friends do, and my in-laws do, and most of us are a bunch of liberals. Your statement like that just shows the world your ignorance, which is not stupidity, but a lack of knowledge, and your prejudices too. To me if your attention is to smear or slander without leaving your name, your opinion is no different than graffiti in a public restroom.Vail, Colorado

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